What is a good demon to work with

I am farley new and all i can really do is get in trance state and feel presence my question is what is a good demon to start working with. Who will help me with becoming more adapt with my works. So i can do stuff like see, hear, and maybe later even soul travel.?


Seere, Lucifer, king paimon, Mercury, Satan.


I think vassago.

Not demons, but angels: Raziel, Sandalphon, and Metatron. When I first evoked Raziel the first thing he did was put his thumb to my Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra and it erupted with energy.


Also are incents a mandatory or optional?

And do u know the ritual for that? So i can invoke or evoke?

I just intone their name, but if you need a Sigil I know that Dr. Google has some if you search there.


King Paimon, Ose, Lucifer, and Satan are in my opinion the best for beginners.

And no ritual tools are mandatory, but they are helpful to immerse yourself into the ritual. The main things you need are: entity’s sigil, desire, respect for the entity you’re evoking, developed astral hearing, and a concrete, clear goal in mind. And of course, no fear or doubt.


Sastan from Kingdoms of Flame to help open your senses. Also, Paralda, Elemental King of Air, to open your senses further. I know he’s not a demon, but you gotta crawl before you can run.


Thank you everyone.

Ash what chakra governs clairsentience?

Usually, it’s the Ajna Chakra that governs the psychic senses. But, the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra is the chakra of communion with the divine. So, hard to decide.

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I would like to meet an angel to help me connect my third eye.
.what should I do?

I apologize, I no longer work with chakras, only with the traditional practices of the Church. So, I don’t answer anymore questions about the practice of new age or occult concepts.

Gabriel is the archangel of Prophecy and Divination and so may be helpful.