What is a "Dead angel"?

Hey !
A fews days ago I woke up with these 3 names / words in mind : Rafel, Avel, Ekel.
It seemed very important, I thought it was my guides or something like that as I don’t know any of the spirits around me, and and as it sounds like angel’s names. But I found no angel called one of these names.
So I asked on a group and got some leads to dig, but someone answered me :
If they are “dead” angels, avoid them.
I asked what are they, and he doesn’t want to answer ! So frustrating, guy has a knowledge and deliberately decides to hold it back because he thinks I will avoid them better if I don’t know what they are.

Maybe I know what it is but I call it differently ?


What do you know about the person who answered, is he religious, for example?

Trying to figure out why he would say that if you see what i mean.


I don’t know him, it’s supposed to be a chaos magick thing, but really they speak about everything. They all seem pretty open minded people, so I would’nt say he’s “religious”, but yeah I don’t think he’s on a LHP tho. It seems to me they don’t fancy darkness too much ^^

Ah, here you are ! I knew you would answer :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay so maybe I really don’t know what that is, I never heard what you’re talking about. But yeah it seems to be the kind of things this guy would know and wouldn’t want me to dig.


This is something I’ve been advocating for years, and I couldn’t take anyone serious by giving half baked answers like that. It’s not his call to decide how you or anyone else will react to what he claims to “know” of the meanings of these distorted angel names. This is also often the reason for many black magicians to fuck things up, when exploring an area that’s been explained badly.


I can’t agree more, and it’s a bit silly because obviously if he doesn’t want to answer, the information will be found somewhere else anyway.
And when someone got curious about something you half said… the “forbidden knowledge” label is a very bad call lol, it’s the best way to push the person to dig the hell of it, every magician should know that.


Not necessarily. Some things are very, very hard to find out about.

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Why is that, do you think? Because it’s too common for most black magicians to keep things for themselves, yet they only give a half answer filled with riddles, which just creates confusion and fear. And it’s even worse when said people are self proclaimed “teachers” and “masters” of the specific area of knowledge. A half glass of water is also half empty.

Some currents are challenging, for sure, but most energies comes with benefits as well. What’s the point of telling “A”, but skipping “B” and “C”? To make others figure things out for themselves? Fair enough, but does that mean that you will clean the mess because you kept out important information to avoid it entirely?


Because if you are the only one who knows you will be more powerful than the rest? That seems to be the most common reason.


I smell a crossover with the Las Vegas thread, so I’m going to post this:


If knowledge is the most common reason, then don’t start share anything you won’t finish.

There’s no wonder people fuck up when evoking specific spirits they can’t handle, and that’s because of two things: Half described information and ignorance of correct and viable information. The former is harder to aid, while the latter is easier to resolve.


Next thing there be people start worshiping Atom, they be calling themselves the children of atom.:smirk: