What is a captation ritual?

Captation Ritual: What is it?
The purpose of the Captation Ritual is to deprive an individual of his abilities and/or potentials and to attribute them to a third party.
The Captation Ritual is used against a person in order to remove them from one or more of their abilities. Most often, it will be a question of taking his capital of Chance, Charisma, material or loving Success, dispossessing him of it to add his elements to a third party whether or not he is the sponsor of the Captation Ritual.
The Captation Ritual then makes it possible to appropriate qualities and abilities that have not been achieved until now. The subject who will be dismissed can in the vast majority of cases recover his stolen potentials after a few months in a natural way or through a Witchcraft Act if needed and necessary.
the sponsors thus see well before the benefit of taking the pleasure of removing the target, leaving it devoid of its acquired and above all innate potential. It remains a very dangerous ritual. Stick returns are more than frequent.

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Interesting. I’m thinking a combination of:

where’s the ritual

dont be a dumbass you know exactly how to do that

Both at the very same time. Trouble with that, is the second thought isn’t mine and comes complete with flash images.

Spose this means I’m facing a new task. Damned if I know what said task is.

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Actually the ritual is simple and where to throw away the residues of the ritual too, the most difficult thing is to find the right ingredients and objects to steal the potential of the target and store it for yourself who is complicated it took me time before making the right mix.

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Was actually thinking it would be a good method of overloading someone.

Maybe cursing by stealing the good attributes of one person you dislike and and gifting those good attributes to another said target thst is also disliked in order to change their… composure/ and make them appear to be different than they were and thusly creating chaos, confusion and hopefully hate, anger and discontent between the targets and their family/ friends/ potential lovers etc.

Hmm I would like to say Fck me. No idea where all that came from but I’m certain I have a need to do exactly so.

I keep saying my spirit guides are too quiet. Seems they have plenty to say about this subject.

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I think it is possible to take one person’s defaults and pass them on to someone else, so that they seem even more detestable.

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How would you undo this curse if it was placed on you by someone? I find this very intriguing as I’ve never heard of this before