What if your goetic demon came to you instead?

I’ve always wondered why. Maybe he’s a part of my family? Maybe an ancestor made some kind of pact years before me? Or when my mom wished for a girl, she accidentally contacted him? I have no idea, but Buer wasn’t something I looked up in a book. My first ‘sighting’ of him was when I first started ‘seeing’ (auras, dreams, ect.). I didn’t know what it was starting out until I later described it to my boyfriend who then revealed those of Solomon’s writings and upon seeing the description, the name, all of it just sort of came to me. My mother specializes in home remedies, for both pet and people, and she has a very strong green thumb as well as being amazing with animals naturally (most of our pets are ones she’s saved and nursed). My mom has only ever dipped a pinky into white magik and doesn’t know anything about goetic demons. She also doesn’t know the German side of her family so I can’t tell if this kind of work is connected by blood or if it’s really anything important. All I know now is that he won’t tell me, each time I’ve asked has been met with what feels like a stern ‘no’ or perhaps ‘you’re not ready’.

I just want to know if I’m not the only one who’s been seemingly picked out or called upon for reasons unknown.


I’ve stated it a few times in my past posts, the demons in my life approached me of their accord. Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus being among them as well. I did not “call” or “summon” them…

Demons have been around me my whole life. I am simply meant to be among demons.


Maybe it’s my place to be among them as well but it seems like there’s more. Or I’m just over thinking it.

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King Paimon revealed himself to me. I was trying to summon Azazel. The king has been real helpful to me over the last couple years.

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What’s his specialty? Also what is he like?

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Demons usually come to me, rather than the other way around.

Influence, manipulation, and power grabs. Especially in corporate and political settings. If you are in competition with your co-workers and/or dealing with a hostile work environment, he’s your guy. It helps to obtain copies of “the Art of War” and “the Prince”. He will refer you to them.

He is stern, but patient. Just make sure to properly address him as King Paimon and His Majesty because he is a king. As long as you are serious and willing to work, he will help.

There are other postings on him that you can refer to for more info.


Thank you!