What if two people are trying to use the same entity on each other?

This isn’t related to anything I personally have going on at the moment, just something I started wondering after reading others posts,
But what happens if someone calls on and works with an entity, let’s say for example, a mage is calling for an entity to assist in destroying their target,
But what if their target is ALSO calling on the same entity to do the same to them.
Would the entity take a side ?

The spirit will obey the strongest will.

However, yes, sometimes the spirit will take a side (someone once came on this forum and tried to use Azazel to curse me but I have someone with a very deep connection to Azazel watching my back so nothing happened).


Very interesting! Thank you for the response

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KJust another good reason why everybody should practice and hone they’re craft the best of Their ability.

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A caveat to my statement that the demon will obey the strongest will, is that if the stronger magician sends a demon against someone the demon likes, the demon must fulfil the letter of the command, but it wouldn’t be quite what the other magician would expect.

Picture something like the demon slapping the target lightly on the hand, and then going to the other magician and saying, “Well, I did what you asked. It’s not my fault it didn’t work.”


It comes down to relationship. The spirit will obey whoever has a closer bond to it.


I heard from someone here they had a Daemon they worked closely with come to them one day and flat out tell them someone else had asked said spirit to curse them.
The Daemon did nothing to the target but inform them of who sent the curse.


That also happened to me two weeks ago.

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I had something similar when someone sent a daemon closely connected to Azazel against me (one of his Nethers, while Azazel is my Sire). We’d never spoken before, he showed up doing this ‘eh, not into this’ thing behind me, I contacted him and we had a nice conversation, made that connection and poof, no more ‘attack’.

Who you know matters, will (or as I call it having a ‘strong opinion’) about it is helpfull too. :slight_smile: