What if recorded conjuration in music conjures spirits

What if music was conjured spells that you could spill blood too? Reversed messages for demonic things. All mysteries of the past. Know ancient Egyptians used to spill blood while in musical ceremony of worship. It is an ancient art of the past. Thoughts? What if you harnessed music in a way to do so.

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Sonic spells are very real, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be plausible.



just did. Al Uzza Astoreth wants people to spill blood to his idol.

Well then she should ask nicely :wink:

If you record chants and layer them at different pitches and use that as background noise during a ritual, it is very powerful


Asmodeus told me spirits answer after the second call no matter what. So you don’t need to call it a thousand times to get it to answer.

I agree. But it can help you achieve trance easier. Even if it is just “Om” it will change the energy and atmosphere of the ritual space.

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