What if I want to be single again

I want to be single again for some time. My personal issues is such that I want some time alone. Due to the covid situation and visa issues. I have to leave my wife anyway. I want my wife to fall out of love for me. I want her to be okay on her own instead of holding on a marriage that doesn’t work. Is there magic that can do that?

Before I answer it magickally… why not just file for divorce? My ex husband cheated on me and I kick his ass to the crib so fast that I made his head spin. I also make it damn clear that I doN’r want him and I am just humoring him u Tom the papers are final.

There are all kinds of break up spells too. Cord cutting might be your best bet.


That’s ok, I won’t have a problem doing that. It is a long process to divorce someone. My motivation is also that she won’t be fatally depressed when I have to her due to visa Issues. I would say divorce is long term. Without any choice I have to leave or end up in an immigration prison, that’s short term. I’m new to black magic.

You never know maybe she would be ok with you leaving. If the relationship is truly as you say it or. I am sure she is aware and will desire to be happy and loved.

Being knew just do a search for basic break up spells yoh will just use it on yourself and her.

I agree, at least get the mundane issue of filing for divorce out of the way to at least get the ball rolling.

I’ve already had those conversations. Due to pride and shame(small town more like village) she would rather move to a different place first before divorce. That’s long term. I would also like to give her money too. So I need money spells too.