What If: 'getting an ex back' - sort of thing

So I’m not necessarily claiming to know but I am asking what if?

I hope people don’t get too mad but I’m asking what if?

I came here like many (at least largely in part) over a relationship sort of thing that ended…
Well mine ended a little before it began but…let me just tell you the story… the rather short version of it.

I did a law of attraction technique that I heard other girls say brought them the one. I got a name and about a week or two later I met him. I fell in love with him basically instantly. Which is so weird because that never happens, I imagined us never ended, which never happens. We got each others numbers and we started talking.

Within a very short time I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours, this lasted for weeks and again this never happens. I started acting really goofy and I lost him, next thing I knew I had a demon.
I tried to get rid of him and ended up here.

I didn’t officially get rid of him until I started calling them. I now talk regularly with many, perhaps too many. I have also contacted a bunch of angels as well.

I finally realized after much more experience that there was many spirits around me during this time I started losing my mind mostly demons, I finally learned they had something to do with it. So I have had many theories, maybe this guy did it too me for some reason, maybe it’s was some abyss crossing experience gone wrong from past lives, or maybe he does magick too and it was revenge for a past life.

I once heard through the grape vine that demons try to split up soul families, what if the demons are trying to purposely split people up to bring us to them? What if? If you recall star wars 3 and how Darth Vader came to be a sith, the loss of love can make a person go kind of mad, then again being in love can make a person go kind of mad, does love or lack there of make you soften or harden or just go crazy?

It’s almost as though I am getting damned because lack of love or even love itself can make me a bit crazy, long enough with out it few wouldn’t really.

Hey if you want love back and want to use magick to get your lover back, you best bet is probably to work on your self. I’ve been thinking maybe make servitors, truly be free with your magick, I feel trapped sometimes, wondering if both the angels and the demons are both working together to try to fulfill the book, a book I don’t really even believe in as a chaos magick monist.

But once again no claim more of a what if?

But people who lose their ex’s do flock here, I guess I would like to ask if any of you have had any strange unexplained experiences around losing your ex?


You’re absolutely right.

It is a big plan.

This massive disturbance was f****** planned. All down to the last second. Everything was way too uncanny. All of it was way too convenient for things to just end spontaneously

These bastards. These glorious bastards.they knocked us down from our towers by making us completely fall into nothing.

I pity, and Evy, the person who experienced the worst of this

Thanks. Finally coming into sight, even though I know it was true. I’m f****** amazing and so are you

It spooked me you responded so quickly and agreed with me.
I must know though are you saying it sounds like my experience is a crossing the abyss experience?
Or are you saying it was more of a trap? I still don’t even know.

You mean enlightenment? Knowledge of self? You’re getting there. We never really stop once we crossed, and we keep crossing over and over if we’re doing it right, to find that a two dimensional map of self isn’t enough

It’s something that they want us to know, they made this happen to us on purpose.


Well as far as crossing the abyss goes thanks that was great and everything but I want to know how do I get my ex back? lol

I have been wondering about all the abyss stuff for a long time I was really spooked, but as far as sex magick & relationships why do spirits have an interest in my love life? I may have a funny hunch but I will ask anyways.

Let me assure you, if you have donw your manifestation it will come.


Keep getting better within yourself. It’s the only way they will come back.

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When you said that were you referring to my story or your story?
I guess to add to my story he said we went to the same high school, also picked up before I met him, but it turned out we went different years, he said maybe we know each other from a past life, but when he did it, it had a sort of mischievous look on his face, like he was hiding something. Then he said he wrote horror, it was so like ominous and weird.

Try to resist the urge to blame every bad thing that happens on magick or demons. Once you really get deep into magick things tend to flow much more smoothly, but life still has its ups and downs.

I am certainly no stranger to the pain of losing a romantic partner, and so you are aware of this, if you use any sort of love magick on someone you are in a relationship with it will affect you as well, not just them. This can make the relationship more loving while it lasts, but the breakup a lot more painful.

It sucks, I know, but take the time to just be with yourself and not worry about relationships. An ex of mine that I was with for a couple years is the type to always always try to have a boyfriend, and yeah, it definitely sucked to see that after we split, but the time I have had just being with myself has been so eye-opening and so valuable to me. I don’t feel like I’m desperately craving for someone to fill some emotional holes within me, and I’ve become way more honest with myself about what I’m really looking for in a partner. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I kept getting these signs and dreams and feelings that she was cheating on me anyways, and in hindsight she really wasn’t much good for me, so although it really really sucked for a while I am quite glad to be free of that relationship now.

Just so you know, we did get back together for a second because of magick, and I am certainly happy that it didn’t last. Was I completely over it at the time? Absolutely not, but sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and take some time to let your feelings run their course. Maybe there is some wacky past-life abyss crossing connection with your situation, but if I were to guess, the simple pain of losing a lover is what you are really feeling.

It sucks, but just know that on the other side is a renewed feeling of wonder at all that life can give you :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine. Yours. Many others.

I think this is more profound than trying to blame life on demons. You realize how big of an opportunity this was for growth? This surely was intended for that reason. It has happened on a mass scale.

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Well thanks but I didn’t like it, interesting, but I have been doing magick pretty hard for a little while now, I am pretty certain spirits were there, I am surrounded by them with all that I have called, I am so, so tired of people saying to just be single a while, I have been single all my life AHHHHhhhhhh!

but thanks for the comment.


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you may be single your whole life , however, have you learn to be by yourself and love yourself. if you did then you won’t be attach to others. You will go explore and find the one that is suitable for you. You don’t have to be together to know someone. It’s called social interaction and being close friends. When your not attach , then you can make decisions with clear mind. emotional decisions usually brings trouble.

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Yeah I’ve been single for a bit too, covid isn’t exactly helping in that regard. Doesn’t help that a girl was super duper leading me on before that either, but oh well, the flirting was fun. I make do with my hentai for now and call it a day, no point in getting all worked up about it. (I like that more than normal porn cause it’s easier to use the imagination, makes sex magick better too, though I hear women are more into sexy prose) I got a new lube brand too, waaaay better than the last one. Hope you’ve got some spare batteries in quarantine :upside_down_face:

I always hear: Love yourself more and then they’ll come or just be single for a while.
Sorry can’t stand those two, I get them all the time. I like what Hecate has said to me best.
She said “the reason you are so heart broken is because you are such a heart breaker”
I never thought of it that way before, but there’s many ways to break hearts and when that’s how you are it comes back perhaps. Do you guys ever find someone who to you fits this dream person and your like we must be a match because we are both wandering stars in a sea of darkness we. are mirages in deserts, we are both so unique that way, the must feel what I feel, share in the same game, must have had along lonely life too, but then they never have problems finding each other

I love to take aphrodisiacs hold in my orgasms , let them build, then use a super expensive vibrator,
Seems like to much info but other than that do you ever have sex with demons?

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I would say pup meant this as, a girl is middle to your goal to ultimately be happy, so cut the middle and be one, no girl just spawns because you are happy but your chances increase with this type of magick when you feel like you already got it.

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I haven’t done full-blown sex magick with demons, but I have visualized sexy stuff in rituals for seduction magick with demons where I built up sexual energy and orgasmed without touching myself or ejaculating, so that was interesting. I don’t like to call up specific demons and “have sex with them” cause that doesn’t feel like the sort of relationship I want to have with the demons I work with directly. I consider the characters in my favorite doujins to be my succubi and incubi though - they are thoughtforms with a real astral existence, after all. That’s probably weird but I don’t really care.

I have also done sex magick with Enochian powers, which doesn’t really seem like fucking angels so much as enhancing the sexual experience and empowering sexual magickal energy (say that three times fast). I also do pelvic floor exercises (I’ve heard them called kegels) and stuff like “edging” or delaying orgasm, which combined with the sex magick stuff has made masturbation like 1000% better and has lead to some funny dreams (like angel sperm dudes swimming around, no joke) and synchronicities (piles of wet gooey stuff in oddly specific shapes).

What can I say, quarantine horniness got me into sex magick. I’m expecting post-quarantine actual sex to be pretty rad because of it.

still not getting the message. oh well . :man_shrugging: not ready i guess. :thinking:

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