What (If Anything) Can One Do If Others Are Making Pacts Against You?

I have been told there are pacts against me, there is even some double dipping / double bubble trouble with some of my very own demons. I am already trying to do stuff about it, but what do you think I can do? Also if we are all answering their calls, how do you know this isn’t happening to you?

Whether there are or not, whether they affect you is in your hands.

I suggest you have this conversation with the entities involved. This is a Q&A chat where E.A. Koetting discusses the subject, and his view works for me.


Protections and return to senders are good if someone is sending magick at you. As far as making pacts against you, in all honesty if you don’t deserve it I highly doubt any demon is going to sabotage you. Especially if it’s a demon you already have a relationship with. Usually spirits are not fond of other practitioners invading on divine relationships and I’ve even seen spirits lie to practitioners because of it.
And while yes I’m aware it’s under a pact, it still does not seem like it’s going to manifest in the way that the person is trying to get it to. Manifestation rarely does exactly what we want of it anyway.



First, I totally agree with @Mulberry and @victory I thought I’d weigh in. It’s a topic I’ve asked of Abaddon and Belial before.

Pacts? That seems a lot longer-term than the typical petition. Was it a misunderstanding of the term? Anyone that accepts a pact to get rid of a temporary rival/competition is likely in for a longer-term loss. It’s the type of thing that is ripe for taking advantage of.

Interesting thing about some of those we work with is that this person may have accessed the part of themselves that corresponds to a certain entity, without calling for the actual entity. You should verify this before deciding to expend your energy on thwarting something that may not exist. As in, you should verify that the person actually spoke with this Deity/Entity before seeking out and wrecking a working that didn’t really happen. Not saying the threat isn’t real, just a particular working (or several).

Another thing I’ve seen is this - there are limits to the amount of effort/energy that will be used when working for another. I’ve seen it with “angels” and “demons”, with tasks they’re sometimes assigned that they will perform, but that their “hearts” aren’t into. Give them a fight. Get your lip bloodied and bloody theirs. If all of the petitions ever made to angels and demons were actually fulfilled, the world would be even more messed up that it already is (personal opinion). Personally, I fight to a standstill. I’ll continue if they will sort of thing. When genuine effort has been made, but it’s not worth continuing, I’ve not had them continue. Again, my personal experience that others may not share. But I’m pretty sure I’d be dead if this wasn’t the case and other would be, too.

Additionally, you will find stories of people that find out which entity or entities are “cursing” them and make counter petitions or offerings to them. This isn’t really any different to fighting them enough to make it not worth their while. Just lessens the energy involved, while uping the cost to you (presumably for something you didn’t ask for).

Finally, there is nothing stopping you from petitioning entities you have relationships with to intervene on your behalf. That should explain itself, from your previous posts.


There are a few ways you could address this. I’ll list them off:

  1. I would evoke a spirit that rules over pacts, like Mephistopheles or Lucifuge Rofocale. Since they rule or oversee pacts, there’s a high chance they can probably protect you against those pacts and maybe nullify them. This is a guess though, haven’t actually tried it.

  2. Evoke the spirits apart of the pact (this can be dangerous since you’re basically opening the door for them to be in your space and by extent your life).

  3. Bind the spirits. (I only recommend this if you know what you’re doing)

  4. If those spirits have another spirit ruling over them, I would evoke that ruling spirit.

  5. Evoke the higher self of the person who initiated the pact.

  6. Banish those spirits. The more removed from your life they are the harder it is for them to affect you.

  7. Do a meditation where you visualize the pact being destroyed. When you do it, mean it. The repetition of this will interfere with the pact.

  8. Bind the initiator of the pact.

  9. They can’t get you if you get them first.


Well said, Mephisto

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There are more i just thought of from personal experience:

  1. bind the higher self of the practitioner to attack the practitioner.

  2. bind those spirits to attack the practitioner.

  3. if you’re in good with the land spirits and dead they can dampen the impact.

  4. anchor the pact into a piece of paper and do a cleansing or exorcism over it. That could nullify the effects.

  5. if its demons and if you’re in good with Lilith or Kali, then I’d reach out to them.


Alright where to start?
@victory By this I mean E A Koetting has had a theory that we are actually answering the demons much of the time we evoke them or all the time, that we hear them calling us.


Belial agreed to show me my chains, and I made a pact with Lucifer that involved letting him do shadow work, so what this is could be a number of things I suppose, but I was working with this other spirit turned out to be an ex black magician and this spirit made pacts…

As well as I was told that I was in Hell in between lives where I made some enemies.

I suspect my demons will try to short them by fulfilling it in the smallest of ways or woodpacting them from fulfilling their end of the bargain.

@itsnathanm7 Yeah I have Lucifer but I worry we might need Lucifuge at one point.
I don’t get a long with Lilith almost at all, but I had been working with Kali a fair bit, and been starting to do my mantras again.

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I’d seek strong protection. Find out who is attacking you and what spirits they’re working with and if there’s a hierarchy, seek help from the next highest force to protect you. You could also try binding.

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and @itsnathanm7
What sort of binding ritual would recommend?

I have a few ideas, but would like to hear others ideas.


Well, I’m not expert, but if I wanted to bind someone doing curses on me, I’d try one of the demons who takes energy from your enemies and gives it to you. You could try a few rituals from the demons of wrath book, but they are long. My anger doesn’t last even 2 days let alone 30. Also, I have a christian background, so Idk how you feel about asking angels for help, but if you’re not opposed to them, I suggest asking Michael for protection.


I have a simple binding ritual I do that doesn’t use any spirits.
If I was do it with a demon, I’d probably choose Abaddon.
I have was working with some of the 72 angels, but could focus more
on doing a ladder working with archangels or working with Michael
more closely, I think I may have demons of wrath, if it requires 30 days
that is lots, I way to keep your anger up so long could be through Asmoday
who can seduce you into lustful anger, I usually don’t like being in that state with him
for very long though.

Honestly, there’s no way to know for sure but in all honestly it isn’t that important. What’s important is their response to being called upon at all.

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So I watched the video a few times, the title sounds right, but I’m confused on the video, which thing would help this situation?

In a nutshell, you are at the top of the hierarchy, and you always were, so exert your Will, which is the combination of desire and spiritual strength - more than the other guy.

If you can.

If you can’t or won’t, you already lost. This means you’d be best putting effort into building your spirit rather than running in fear from hearsay threats that may or may not be real.


You are your own source of power. Command your power and manifest the destruction of those pacts that have been afflicted towards or against you.

See your self as a living god and a living commander of all that is right and all that is evil.

Destroy the hands of those that wish to see you unwell.
Get some protection and fight. Ritualize the destroyment of those pacts and release those demons on to him 100 times over.

Your limits are only based on your enjoyment of those energies in which you wish to conquer

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