What ideal book order for the Complete Works?

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What us the ideal order to work through EA Complete Works? Why are you suggestion that order. Thanks


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I would suggest exploring the text that calls to you, or put another way the text that your mind circles around over and over. Then dive and drink deep.


What’s your skilll level? If your just starting, buy it.

If you’ve got some expirence, explore around. Follow your intuition. Your soul will guide you.

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I would save Kingdoms of Flame until you’ve mastered evocation & astral travel, as it’s more of a grimoire of spirits than an instructional book.

Works of Darkness is an excellent place to start IMO as it starts from the beginning and gives you the rundown on most of the magickal practices a black magician will use. It is severely focused on the LHP, though, so look elsewhere if you want to work with angels/healing/etc.

Baneful Magick is a great primer on exactly what the title says: curses and causing harm to other people with magick. It presumes familiarity with evocation & the like, so it’s not a beginner’s text.

Questing After Visions is a good starting place for learning visionary techniques of all sorts. It’s also more of a theoretical work than pragmatic, although it contains plenty practical techniques, because it delves into the “why does this work?” in addition to the “how do I do it?” Good for a beginner IMO.

Evoking Eternity will teach you evocation from the ground up. Greatly recommended if you want to manifest physical results in the world around you.

The first half of Book of Azazel is focused on the Gatekeeper ritual, which presumes familiarity with all the basic magickal techniques and probably isn’t recommended for a beginner. The second half is a grimoire of useful spirits, which again presumes the ability for functional evocation and the like.

Hope this helps. :rocket:


In my opinion, the best order is Works of Darkness, Questing After Visions, and Evoking Eternity. Each of those books builds upon the other, and they have preliminary exercises that can really help. After those, the grimoires become very useful, Kingdoms of Flames, and Book of Azazel and Baneful Magick,

This is the order I followed for my own development, but the 18 Flames of the OAA is also a magnificent place to start.


Personally I think Evoking Eternity is a good start and gives you a more rounded beginning than Works Of Darkness, BUT WoD is a great start if you know you want to begin with black magick and focus heavily on that.

The OAA is a complete structured system so if you like those, that’s probably a great intro, it will certainly set you up for other forms of work as you progress. :thumbsup:

JMO, all the other advice here is sound, and do trust your intuition above all.