What I want to do in 2019

So it has been a while since I’ve really made a post on here. I’ve been going through a lot this year with a lot of my family dying, a friend killing themselves, my lack of accomplishments, my loneliness, and the stress I’ve put on myself.
Of course, my life isn’t bad there are tons of people with worse problems than I but It has really affected me.

In 2019 I want to be done with all that, I should have started sooner but It was after my panic attack last night that I really know I need to change. I had a bone oracle reading from Joey Morris on BALG (would totally 100% recommend) and it really opened my eyes at the beginning of December but sadly school really got in my way because of finals.

I know I need to practice more and that writing is my future. (also was told that there was something with drawing or cartoons/comics of sorts from someone else and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s about me writing for them and finding the artist to help them off the ground too).

So this year is going to be me Writing my first book (fiction book, not at the level of magician where I could write a book about magick but maybe one day). I am going to practice magick and more specifically working on cementing my physical like love, career, and health while also practicing with my senses and astral projection so I can work with entities with trust (I can work with entities but just a feeling draws me out of the ritual, ts hard for me to work with entities without full trust that they are there, I know I should trust but every time I try it with blind faith I’m just not in it, understand or was that just confusing?)

I want a better life honestly and I really need to meet more people, I am a lonely person. Hopefully, I can find some online friends here and maybe that will help.

Thank you for reading, I just really needed to get things off my chest, I’ve hated where I am for a while and really want that to change. If anyone ever wants to talk just hit me up, I could use the help or just like-minded people. \

Have a great new year.


Happy New year to you too.
Best of luck with your plan and i hope that so succeed in achieving it! would love to read your work someday! :slight_smile:
you can count me in as your friend, if you like. :slight_smile:
hope you are doing great though!

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Thank you! It be great to be your friend. I’m doing alright, Its weird though, I was just getting over most mental problems when they started back up again in 2018.
And thanks! I’d love for people to read my work. I know what my first book will be Just need to make sure I have a plan for it


like wise.

been dealing with similar things myself, came on top of them for some, using mundane ways, like counseling and some courses.

that is great, i am sure you will have that plan soon! :slight_smile:

I use to get to counseling but I found myself lying to the counselor because I had this feeling of not trusting them. I need a different kind of relationship than the patient to really help me out.

And its more just outlining the story atm.

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i totally get you, in fact have practiced that my self and lost something so close to me because of it.
we gotta try to trust someone at some point. you are a writer, mind if i suggest a simple thing, start writing it down, give name to that text book/journal and just write whatever feels like getting out, take it out on it. :wink:

More energy in you means more energy to feed your problems, this is kind of recognised in meditation, that for example it can make pre-existing depression worse, but less so with magick.

But you can integrate this and overcome it. Hoping for good things for you in 2019. :+1:

Thank you very much! I hope It works out

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I might try that!

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