What I like about BALG

Post something you like about BALG forum.

What I like about BALG forum is that we aren’t a bunch of fake bitches like facebook.

Ex: I love my wife so much she is my soul and angel… mother fucker yall was just split up three weeks ago. .you hate that bitch and are only there because yall have a kid

Ex: happy mothers day . … my mom is awesome so amazing …she never does anything wrong…

Balg… that bitch … was abusive, vile and nasty my whole life and sat back and watched me be abused… I hate her and will not be baking cookies and sitting in church beside her to pretend like I had a wonderful amazing childhood

Balg. . Says it to your face … don’t pretend like we love neighbors who annoy the hell out of us.

Balg … doesn’t say oh pray about it … balg says be about it …

Balg… says stop being a cry baby and handle that shit.

Balg … fuck with us and you got the whole crew on ya back…

Balg… is brutally honest … take it or leave it…

This is what I like no fluff n stuff… it’s real…


The fact that I can have casual conversations and debates about the metaphysical (and just anything in general). I feel like in other forums, people are a bit stuffy, or they’re inactive.


Yes and you talk about things and not get told you can’t actually do it. It isn’t possible…like some other forums


Right! Like in certain other forums, you can’t talk about certain types of magic, or you get in trouble for pointing out things that people are doing wrong (ex. wrong offerings).


What i like about balg is the lack of mental limitations on what magick is and what it can do amongst the userbase


:face_with_monocle: i think i would consider this valid if after said offering a never ending shit storm broke out around the situation the ritual was for. Thennnnnn i may consider further reseach for possible offence.

Ex. Sacrificing and owl to Athena, a raven to odin, or an elephant to Ganesh. :thinking: these may not go over well, then again they may. Experimentation is the only real way to find out. :alien:


What I really dig about BALG, is how so many people with intentions in common can have so many different perspectives on how to grow spiritually, laugh, be brutally honest, and yeah, we’re not pretending to be having all the fun in the world while posting pictures of bland looking food.


I like how interactive the forum is. People seem to be pretty active and express interest.


I like that I can be myself without fear of the banhammer cleaving my skull.


I like how everyone’s not as rude as people on Facebook are… Here you won’t get taunted for saying “I’m proud of myself!” People here will encourage you even more. It’s awesome!


I’m so glad we don’t do that…

The most you find pics of food here is in the bar n grill thread. …which is an appropriate place


I like fact it non judgmental hay how can I curse someone to can I astral travel to moon no matter how weird feel we all understand one other


Yeah, that too! The happily dysfunctional family feel.


Yall make me laugh.

And no one goes on a riteous " with great power comes great responsibility" rant when we use Magick to enjoy our lives. What’s the use if we can’t have a little fun evoking comic book and Disney characters every now and then right?

All sacrifice and no giggles makes for an unbalanced ascent in my book :+1:


I like you can actually learn something without (sometimes) moralistic persecution.


Other forums, there are clicks and if you don’t fit exactly with every issue or debate into that click you are ostracized or even picked on like its elementary school.
Balg, we know everyone has different views even on the same spirits and how to interact with them. We talk, listen, joke, and grow. This place has it’s disagreements but always sticks together and truly believes in do what though will.


I like that there are people who aren’t afraid to do original work, even when it occasionally goes sideways. Much respect to those folks. Also the fact that the rest of the tribe will assist those folks when things go wrong.


I like how much BAlG members know. Stuff you can’t find anywhere else. Brothers and sisters helping one another out. That’s awesome!!!


BALG encourages you to get off your knees and do what you have to do. I can think of all the years I wasted feeling powerless to change anything without asking for it to be done by an external force, feeling like I couldn’t be human. BALG is an excellent resource for sharing experiences, opinions, and getting that shit off your chest, while getting helpful feedback.


BALG is my new home. It has been for a while.

I feel like I can come here and be myself as I develop my own understanding of the world.

I must wander, find a new home when I feel ready.

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