What I have to do to get my love?

Greetings to family of BALG,
I fell in love with a girl, no matter what I do my feelings never got reciprocated. That was the reason I got into spirituality and later occult. It’s been 4 years,
I tried many things starting from meditation, visualisation, law of attraction,subliminals,several different manifestation techniques and even I tried white magic spells. Nothing seemed to work.
I believe there is some way to get her into my arms, my heart tells me that this where I want to be.

   I have even tried EA koetting both love spells, but I didn't find any success.

  I know I am going wrong in somewhere I don't know where.can you all guide me  where I am going wrong.
  I don't know how to invoke or evoke or summon spirits,entities like you all do.
  What I am requesting is, will you help me to get my love back?

Or will you cast a spell behalf of me or use any other divination method to help me?, Because i have heard many of you got success.

Looking forward to all of your thoughts on this.


The cure for unrequited love is the knowledge of their flaws.

Put simply, get to know her better. Get to know who she really is.

Through divination, you may have had problems in the past with initiating. You could go the route of getting into her inner circle. New social contacts with her circle. You require resolve, no distraction, keep the blinders off. In the end, there is a relief of tension. Could be relief of sexual tension or the tension of simply wanting to know more of your beloved… Or both…

I could throw all kinds of manipulative spells at you; however, those spells would likely need to be maintained consistently, especially if you are working against the will of another.


Very informative, we don’t have corresponding situations to get to know her better.
I know I have became more capable and more lovable when I started working on myself.
But I need one chance to show how much I love her.

Now what to do?

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Did you meet her in a place of work and then she moved to a different area of work? Or simply works in a different area?

You do not have physical correspondence with her? Nor virtual?


Can u PM me I could tell about it, I can’t pm you

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Spells and rituals as outlined by others are like fifty percent of the actual thing, following a ritual to the word doesn’t guarantee results. A lot of it banks on your inner skill. You seem like you are probably obsessing over the spells too, it’d be better to ‘forget’ it so your efforts can manifest without interference.

While I don’t know the specifics of your situation, I think it could be helpful to take a step back and evaluate the obstacles to your goal first, and then sussing out solutions to them systematically.


I did very long back, just followed the steps as outlined and I didn’t found any success.
@nyaroth, how exactly can I evaluate the situation and how it’s done systematically?

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I don’t know enough about your situation but from what you said, you don’t get to meet her enough. That’s one of the initial obstacles you have and you could do something aimed to create opportunities to meet instead of just casting a general love spell. Then when that succeeds, tackle the next obstacle. Just breaking down the problem into small steps, since the big one didn’t work for you.


Can I pm you about my situation?

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If you wish, though I’m not sure what other advice you want beyond this.

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You have to find courage, courage is what will get you your love.

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How come?

Just be a man and ask her out it’s not a rocket science, It’s either she is interested or not you’re attaching far too much meaning for the result focus on your porpoise and your self man and then everything will manifest learn how to be seductive to get into her head do seductive ritual on your self wishper her sweet things when you know she has high interest and make your move slowly you have to be slow with women otherwise it would turn her off stop thinking about her and the end result get to know her ask her questions get to know her find common ground and stop being obsessed cause you’re vulnerable, If you need any advice you can pm me personally.


I just heard this advice on a TV show lol:

“People don’t have power over us. We give them power over us. We internally put them on a pedestal.”

Get to know her and find out her flaws. Then again, I have had a ridiculously strong unrequited love myself, and I know it was karmic and that we were never meant to actually be together. My situation was literally love at first sight, I saw this person and froze and gawked. Then I had to endure being in classes with them for the next four years. Kept school from getting boring though… The sureness that I’d never find anyone I’d feel for like that was depressing.

but yeah good luck to you with your situation.


Yeah whatever you said is so true, I guess I put her into pedestal.
I am in situation where I can’t get to know her.
Well I believe, someday I might get to know her.
Until then its all about my life, I need to get better person.
Some wise men told me that, if you want to score any girl, the only way is to “to be more capable and more lovable”, well it doesn’t guarantee you but probability are more.

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Sallos will help you.


Sure I’m looking forward to it. Thank you bro

This month is very important.Do whatever you can.

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Never do this.

Focus on yourself and keep increasing your value, and remember that women are replaceable.

They can be fun, they can be awesome, but ultimately you will be fine without her or anyone else - but don’t take this as a sign that it’s fine to be inactive.

Keep sharpening yourself and pursuing other women. Pursuing 3-4 women at the same time helps you keep the feelz away.


Just remove the “until then”, and you’re golden.


As someone who has long given up on women but who still has the recriminatory scars and bitter memories and as someone who knows a little Magick: Magick cannot work if you don’t permit it to. People (and that includes Magicians) have been continually programmed, brutally influenced and completely fucked up (that’s a scholarly term). Your parents, relatives, teachers, churches and the media all conspired to (often subtly and unnoticed) fuck you up. You’re Psychic Sensor is working overtime, laughing its sick, fucking arse off at your failures. But don’t blame your Psychic Censor, it’s only doing its important job – blame yourself for not being able to subvert your own Psychic Censor! (Hint: Sigils and Chanting)

There’s a post about the Black & White Mirror exercise somewhere on these boards. Do that exercise.

Women love independent, well groomed and dressed, comfortable in their own skin, successful guys; not desperate, clingy types. “From the nipple to the bottle – never satisfied.”

If you need a woman to make you happy and complete, you’ll never succeed. You should have a life with the style, dreams and abilities that make women want you to share those singular assets with them. On our path it’s mandatory that you never belittle yourself to anyone - you pledge yourself to Yourself! (And just on a personal note, the costs of that oath can be high, very high indeed.)

And just on style, I bet you have no idea at all what your style is. I’m not talking fashion – I’m talking style! What image do you project and what image do you wish to project? You got a full body length mirror you can practice with?

Commercially available pheromone sprays/aftershaves also work.