What I am learning about attraction

Ok so not too long ago, I ended up summoning Asmodeus. I will explain in a moment what has been happening. I summoned him because I was pretty pissed off at some girl that made some assumptions about me. Basically what I did was since I got sick about hearing about her and her ex. I summoned him to break them up/cause problems. etc. After I did that, I actually just felt like I was freed, which was weird because I rarely ever feel that way. However, other effects happened to me though.

I been meditating and working on myself, using yoga and things like that, and I began to love it. However, after I had summoned Asmodeus, I felt a change happen and awareness happen like able to read the thoughts of others. I recently found out some other girl likes me (I didn’t know, and honestly I don’t know what I want to do about her yet because I been through so much crap with relationships) and then I almost made a friendly conversation with one other person that I thought would never happen, this other person revealed to me she was going to be spending her Christmas alone. Opening up personally, I don’t think I ever heard her do that to anyone else but she did tell me she is the quiet type and don’t really talk a lot. So with that being said. It is like I made quite a few connections with people this month. It was very delightful.

Anyway the girl that likes me though. I think I understand how attraction works. Saying the right things, at the right time maybe a compliment, nothing creepy and not attached and then moving onto something else very fast to clear your mind. For some reason, when I do that, it makes one wonder about me, a mystery. Never revealing how I feel about someone on a deep personal level for an example. I am learning you should never tell a girl how you “feel.” At least not yet. And then it hit me, I am being taught the art of seduction by Asmodeus…

Can demons bless us for things we don’t even ask for?
I believe so!
What do you think?

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