What have you used Angels of Wrath for?

For those who have used Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield, what situations have you used it for, and what were the outcomes?


A person who was addicted to heroin and took to raping students in a college dorm. I used Destroy with Wrath. The person & family had to move a few hundred miles away. I cannot say what else occurred, as I have not the interest or means to find out.


mostly to remove unwelcome people from my surroundings.
I tried to use that book to “wound with fury” and such the same annoying people but apparently without much success.
There are other things that i did with it but i’ve no idea if it worked or not since if was related to an internet “foe”…
Idk, maybe i’m missing some key detail on how to use this book.


The book only works if you have a sincere need. It was made for people to navigate extremely hostile environments as it says. So it is for serious cases, not just annoyances. If you were under no serious threat and these people were just annoyances as you say, then that can be the reason.

An internet “foe” also doesn’t seem like something to use the book on at all.


if by serious threat you mean a life and death situation you’re probably right. I wasn’t over threat of death. Both of those were affecting my mental health in a quite bad way tho. I’m not out of here just cursing people on a whim.
Well… the internet “foe” (more like a stalker/harasser) haven’t had to deal with him for almost 6 months now so maybe it worked to some extent.

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To have someone torment themselves over how they treated me “and get the punishment they think they deserve.” Took about 3 months, person sent me a long and sincere-seeming apology (this coming from someone who prides themself on being an emotionless troll). Incidentally they got fired from their job shortly afterwards. Not sure if related


The person being fired struck me as a bit too much of a coincidence; I’d say it is related.


I got more results than just this, but one that really stood out to me was the ritual to cause insomnia. I’d have to check my old journals to see if I also did the ritual to cause anxiety, but the target once told me that he would most often if not always be kept awake for hours by a constant stream of anxious thoughts whenever he would try to sleep. His sleep schedule became extremely irregular and he never got enough sleep. This had a huge negative impact on his ability to get his work done and on his social life.

I performed the ritual to force exile, but he did not ultimately leave my life until about two years after the ritual. At first I was displeased by this, but in retrospect the opportunity to curse him more and have him initially as an adversary and then as a defeated enemy was extremely useful in cultivating a mindset and personality that allows me to keep potential problems like that out of my life. When I do encounter potentially problematic people now, very rarely do they become problems.

For anyone who may experience some insomnia at some point or another, as sometimes naturally occurs, I suggest a progressive muscle relaxation exercise to relax and calm the body and then a meditation/visualization to relax and calm the mind until you are back asleep. Even after waking up, recording my dreams, chugging a bunch of water, getting up to use the bathroom, and then getting back into bed, it pretty much never takes me more than 10 minutes at the absolute longest to fall back asleep.

I partially say this to quell paranoia. It is extremely unlikely that anyone has ever cursed you or will ever curse you in your entire life, ever. Doing magick may bring you into that sort of a situation at some point, but it can be easy to see something that should only be a minor inconvenience in your life as a potential curse of great magnitude, and there is just no reason for this. Most people probably don’t give enough of a fuck about you to curse you, and even if they did, it takes time and energy that could be put to use elsewhere. If you really have yourself spooked do some protection magick and then get on with your life.


I first used the “destroy defences” ritual, as my target is super religious and I thought he may have something protecting him (this was in preparation for some demonic evokations).

A couple of weeks later he told me he was having the hardest days, he felt something was “coming to him” and he was having weird situations happening to him, like falling asleep in random places and waking up full of fear.

My second one was “destroy with wrath”, for the same person. He was doing something unspeakable to me. Too many things haven’t worked for him since then, but this happens a lot to him anyway, so I’m not sure it was my Magick. However (and this is pretty interesting) he literally told me: I feel I am under attack. If you read the ritual, it says “it makes the person aware that they are on the receiving end of an attack”. A couple of very big things haven’t worked for him after I did the ritual (and one of them was directly related to the horrible thing he did to me) so I’ll count it as a win.


Cursing an unbearable pretentious and malovolant coworker.

Around 6 months later, he has been violently physically attacked by a client. If others havnt be here to come and help him, he could be severly injured today. I didnt realized it could be linked to my ritual immediatly because of the delay (6 months).

I used also a ritual for another asshole at work. Progressivly he lost support of the boss of the team and he leaved the team by himself around 8 months after the ritual. Same here, I havent linked the ritual and the leaving, as my curse was to destroy rather than banish.

So, I had results but first it took sooooo much time to affect the life of targets, and then the results were not exactly what i asked for. As if angels choose the best way to punish rather satisfying the magician.

But it was interesting.


I just used this book for the first time today. I felt good after the ritual, more relaxed, taking that as a good sign.
My question is about number of rituals that can be used on one target. There are a few that seem like they would work for my one target. Has anyone used more than one? How long did you wait in between rituals?
@virgospirit you mentioned using two rituals on the same person, would love to hear more about your experience.
Thank you!

Hi @Cupsofthree !

I can’t say for sure how long I waited in between rituals, as I’ve only recently started to keep a journal of evokations and rituals (I think that is key!).

But I’ve used the “destroy defenses” ritual before other works, in general, pretty much just before, I think that one makes sense to be used that way. If your rituals don’t contradict themselves, I think there’s no harm in them being used close to each other.

By that I mean, if you’re looking to take revenge on someone, but is your ex and you also want them back in your life or something like this (you find a lot of this situations), I personally wouldn’t do them one right after the other, in fact I’m not sure I would do it like that at all. But if it’s rituals that help each other, or that are working towards one big goal… then it makes total sense, in my opinion. So I’ll say… go with your gut.


Used the ritual to make ugly a guy who was using his looks to slander me and bully me and get me in serious trouble just for his entertainment. He got a receading hairline at his early 20s, wrinkles and less attention.
I used the same ritual on a fboy who used me and he looks now 10 years older. Both awful people.
I have used almost all the spells there but they had a minor impact.
If I truly want a good attack I work with fire spirits. They always impress me with the results


Pardon my ignorance, but what are fire spirits? Do you mean Djinn?

Sometimes Djinns sometimes other fire spirits like the ones in Magickal Atttack

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I rarely ever use it but when I do, I make psychopath art with their soul

Great tool, best used as a general boost by knowing it’s there if it’s needed yet not relying much on it. It’s the spell of “peace of mind” that enables you to dare in cutthroat areas of life and back it up knowing you can handle yourself if you encounter someone more Machiavellian.

You don’t get by on luck finding non dramatic people, you just shut it down and keep going

It’s a big dog confidence thing. Knowing you can be extremely viscous if it came to it makes for a very peaceful existence most the time


I used it to take revenge on some fucking shit nigga who slapped me during conversation.