What have you learned?

Hello All!!!

So, I have been on my own spiritual journey for several years, as I know a lot of you have as well. Others may be brand new on their path.

So I thought it would be interesting if everyone could share what spirit has taught them over the years. What are a few profound or important or interesting lessons that your spiritual court has taught you.

If you can, put the lesson learned and who taught it to you.

I’ll go first:

Teacher: Esu (Yoruba Orisha of the crossroads)
Lesson: He has really taught me to take responsibility for the life I have manifested and the choices I have made over my life that have led to this manifestation. In this, of course, is the empowerment to know that I can change the manifestation at anytime by changing the choices I am making.

Teacher: Esu
Lesson: Another lesson He has taught me, is that everyone comes to the spiritual path for a different reason. Not everyone has come for truth and enlightenment. Therefore, I am to follow my path and let Spirit be the judge of what others are doing.

Teacher: Lucifer
Lesson: I have just begun on my journey in LHP and Demonolatry, but Lucifer has already begun teaching the lesson of pride. Having pride in who I am, what I bring, and what I am. Not for what I have done, but simply for who I am. He is teaching me to come to Spirit with pride, dignity and self respect as opposed to a groveling slave/servant.

Teacher: The Journey
Lesson: Evolution is a way of life. We should always be learning, growing, changing, evolving into a better, stronger, more enlightened version of self.

Teacher: God (My concept of God)
Lesson: God does not micro-manage the universe. All is ultimately is his/her/its hands and directed to its will, but we have free will and all the processes that govern the universe have been set in motion and run without God’s direct involvement.

Teacher: Lucifer? (Not quite sure who)
Lesson: Free will is not truly free if behind the statement of free will, you come with a million rules and regulations and say that if they are not followed explicitly, then death and destruction. This is coercion. Not faith, love, or free will. Free will must be truly free. Yes, there are consequences that come as a result of each choice, but those consequences are the natural development of the choice…not a punishment from the Gods. For example, if you use your free will to smoke crack…the natural development of this may be that you become an addicted crack head…why? Because that is the nature of what this brings. Not as a punishment.

Anyway…these are just a few of the lessons that different Spirits have taught me. What have you been taught?

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Lady Sovereign first made me an empty slate, then she spoke with a brush.

Lesson Number One: There is you, and then there is the rabble, what differs you from them is your honour.

Lesson Number Two: The rabble will always try to bring you down.

Lesson Number Three: There is no good and evil, there is cause and effect.

Lesson Number Four: When you understand causology, understand that there are acts of virtue and acts of sin.

Lesson Number Five: Since you understand causology and virtues, learn now that there are good and evil in the world.

Lesson Number Six: The highest sin is treachery, treachery of self is the worst evil.

Lesson Number Seven: Always be true to yourself then, in doing so, you become powerful.

Lesson Number Eight: Power is the ability to influence, and understanding all that have been said so far, understand that with that power your actions can lead to great good or great evil.

Lesson Number Nine: You are now alone in the world.

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I learned that human being are fragments of Divinity. I have also Learned that Christianity is mind virus inflicted upon mankind. Don’t worship anyone or anything but seek respect and cooperation.


Wow! Those are some great lessons! Thank you for sharing!

This one I love. So true…

But then is swings back around to this…that is an interesting development…care to explain how you understand this?


Great lesson I believe that as well!

I’m learning that also.

Thanks for sharing!


I am a prophet of her majesty Lady Sovereign, she speaks to me about understanding royal power.

I never adopted the moral code I was brought up with, the flawed secular notion of right and wrong.
I did not adopt Christian values either, because just as the secular world, none of them gave me any answers that made sense.

I was an empty paper, just as intended.

As years went, I learned pragmatism and causology, I understood that each action and each thought, would lead to a chain reaction leading to a certain outcome.

But I started to realize, that every action also touch a myriad of people, and some actions we take for granted would reign havoc on innocent bystanders.
Back then, I thought, and still do, that I can not be hassled for every ant I accidentally step on while going on my daily life, but it clicked, that some actions are considered more desirable than others.

We don’t want good and evil to exist because we want to be unchained, bowing down to no one, we want freedom without repercussions; the freedom of a child.

These would be the rabble I speak of, the people who lack foresight and who either follow the stream like dead fish or flail in the water as if it have no control of its destiny.

I am the royal heir of my goddess, she have made that perfectly clear, and for me to be who she wants to be, I need to understand how to move with purpose.

I unlearned the concepts, the flawed concepts, of the plebs called “good and evil” to be able to learn a purer state of good and evil directly from my goddess.

As a result, my good and evil, as defined, is a state of causology, where “good” leads to benevolent events and “evil” to sinister events.

One where I will have a wholesome life, family, lineage, and glory, and one where all I ever hope to become is either a shell of a man or a stalking predator.

I am not an animal, but a prince of the gods, and that, makes me feel so very powerful.

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Who exactly is Lady Sovereign? I’ve never heard of her before?


Yes. This makes sense. Indeed this is so.

I can imagine it would!

Well thank you very much for sharing. Those are some powerful lessons!

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I’m sorry…I’m confused.

Are you saying that you don’t believe in Demons and Magick?

Possibly your lack of success has to do with you lack of belief? Why would you try something that you don’t believe in in the first place?

So you believe in graveyard magick?

Please explain. Thank you.

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Aleister Crowley taught me the following lessons:

  1. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  2. Invoke often and enflame thyself with prayer.
  3. Success is your proof.

I have learned that magick DOES work, there is a wealth of power available to those who are willing to put in the time, effort and dedication. Magick can and does change life for the better, there may be v hard lessons along the way but ultimately these lessons are for our betterment. I have learned that demons are not the evil that I was brought up to believe but that they can help and guide us on our magickal path if we approach them in the right way. And crrucially I have learned after many many years of seeking the truth outwardly I instead needed to look inwardly as I already possess all the knowledge I was searching for, I just needed to rediscover it.


You are 100% correct. You need to pool your life experience, knowledge and skills to correct any situation in your life.

That doesn’t make sense, are you calling the dead and things around the graveyard demons? Your creating a negative and reinforcing it with a positive.

This has been your experience. You are another person whose posts are all over the board, one topic to the next to the next. In some posts you come across as a serious magician and in others you sound like a total newbie. But the common thread I see in you is lack of confidence and doubt.

Here again you confuse me with this statement the double meanings cancel eachother out my friend.

You just have to go here:

I have seen many more than you completely successful. Hopefully you see where I’m going with this.

And this statement sums you up. Stop experimenting with everything of interest you find, touching it for a moment and expecting results. The mind works better when focused and results will surely reap rewards. These things take years and years of training. What’s your hurry?

I really want you to narrow something down, that your really interested in, focus on learning that one thing , be good at it, be great at it, share what you learn and keep going. Why have you not delved into your cultural systems more, they sound so interesting to me :slight_smile:


Discipline, discipline, discipline. Nothing is worth a rats ass without it.


@BabyDragon I am sorry If is seems like I just derailed this thread :slight_smile: I am hoping that somewhere in my responses to @huidini, It shares some nuggets of what I’ve learned.

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I’ve learned that magick is everywhere–and It’s as deeply ingrained in our culture as traditional religion, just in a rather less subversive way.

Also, people can still be subject to very strong delusion, despite having all kinds of knowledge and extrasensory abilities. It’s humbling.


I normally just talk to entities to form bonds/connections, not really work with them for anything. However, in doing this I did come to learn who/what my soul/true self is and that’s a path long going.

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Those are good lessons indeed. Especially number 3!

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That’s beautiful. Thank you.

This is the key that drops so many people out.

Yes, I am learning that as well. It is a beautiful thing.

That is the lesson our society makes it so hard to learn…but it is so true.

Thank you for sharing.

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You are most welcome. Good post :blush:

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Thank you @Aprentiz for this response…I just didn’t understand him. lol For all those reasons.

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OH HOW TRUE!!! lol. This seems like lesson number 1 we all need to learn. lol