What has happened? can't find success in summoning spirits anymore..... =(

All throughout 2014 when i first started in the spiritual arts, and all the way through early 2017, i had GREAT success in invoking spirits. I could invoke their presence and i would definitely feel their presence without a single doubt. And whatever I asked I received in a timely manner. I’m talking about the well known archangels. However, from about February 2017, whenever i invoked a spirit through intense conjuring sessions, I haven’t felt a single presence even once during ritual. And even when i went ahead and gave my requests, they were not fulfilled.Not ever. Also after invoking spirits back in the day, they used to communicate with my in my dreams the following nights following the ritual in which i summoned their presence. This never happens now. Zero visions, zero messages, zero guidance, zero communication. Something bad has really happened to me spiritually. I know it. It’s like i’m spiritually dead, and i have no idea what has caused this. I have tried for the life of me, but i just can’t figure out what happened and how i became so powerless. There are so many practitioners and knowledgeable people on this forum who have far more experience than me in the spiritual arts. I plead with you, please help me find out what the F is wrong. It really depresses me that I can’t do what i used to. I used to have purpose in life because of spiritual practices. Without i feel so lost.

Did somebody bind you?

Banish, Banish, Banish…
Clear everything out and wait for a sign.
Try banishing using the Bornless Ritual.

My man back to the basics. Start your meditations and banishing. Take a hoodoo 13 herb bath for seven days and find a suitable uncrossing ritual to work on for seven days. I could be internal that is doubt or life changes that made you unsure. May be you lost your focus and purpose as to why do this in the first place. But taking a step back and focusing on spiritual growth through meditation contemplation and banishings might help. Sorry to hear this.


Unless the entire spirit world has given you the middle finger and walked away, I would say that the problem is you. You are blocked somehow. A cleansing and banishing is in order as others have said. Do that and then see where you stand.