What has Belial done for you?

I’m about to perform another invocation of Belial, this time with the ritual provided by the Temple of the Ascending Flame. Now Belial is one God that I have had a special connection with ever since I started working with him. To me, he represented both a warrior God of battle that guides the practioner in the strengthening of their Will as well as his aspect of the Gatekeeper, where he teaches the initiate the secrets of his Black Alchemy. I guess I could look at it as, one aspect the solar, masculine, war God. The other aspect would be the lunar, feminine, magickal and alchemical God. However, all in all I have always felt him to be a largely masculine and Willful being.

In my pathworking Belial has been one that I’ve had the most contact with. Now I wanted to know, what has Belial done for you? What happened where you were greatly affected by his presence? For myself, I have asked to be taught his Black Alchemy. So far, I am really beginning to be more and more aware of myself, particularly my weaknesses. And lately I’ve come to learn a trick of changing fear into anger. I know it sounds unhealthy, but when I get very anxious or nervous I just want to shut down and be unproductive. However I found that if I can turn this into anger, I can get stuff done and I stop feeling so weak. And not uncontrolled childish rage, but anger that is controllable and includes the drive to succeed and overcome.

What about you?


Belial has taught me to stick up for myself! Be strong :muscle:

Belial, for a while, helped me get the ball rolling on my career, and he assisted me with dealing with some of my enemies. He has a comforting but strong presence, and is straight talking without being cruel.