What happens when you enter crossroads state?

That sounds more like astral projection than visiting the crossroads using the ritual of evocation.
When I visit the crossroads during evocation I am fully conscious, not sleeping, unless what you are saying is that the state you are in feels like you are sleeping, or about to, in that case I do agree that it is so.
Also when I go into crossroads I cannot see the room at all, only darkness, a little light from the candles and the smoke.

Anyone? :thinking:

Hmm, the experience I detailed was definitely in in-between state, for me it was a mental crossroads, I should have specified, maybe it was just astral projection as I do get pulled out of my body unwillingly at times (thanks sleep paralysis) since upping my protection and fighting/scaring off parasites, that tends not to happen anymore.

Iā€™m sure someone on here has experienced being in a crossroads state exactly like or similar to your experience though.