What happens when you enter crossroads state?

So, what I wanted to ask for whoever is qualified to answer (has had a visual manifestation of a spirit during evocation) is what happens once everything becomes darkness, what is the process in which the spirit materializes?
I have managed to reach the point where the smoke begins to shimmer or shines, and usually feel pressure in my 3rd eye as well as having weird things manifest to my auditory sense such as static noise but for now I can’t seem to get past that state.
I know I am in crossroads at that time but what I am essentially asking is if it is a simple matter of progress or turning the knob, and thus manifestation is bound to happen sooner or later or if there is something I should look into in order to resolve my issue.
Any replies are well appreciated.
(english is not my mother tongue so forgive any mistakes).


So nobody knows? :thinking:

I would say that you should make sure that you are truly in the theta-gamma sync. Typically when you’re in the state, it feels like you are falling. EA describes it as falling through rings of reality. It is also not uncommon to feel pretty tired, like you are about to pass out. Being in that theta state is typically the state you are in when your body is nodding off, so a feeling of tiredness can often be a good sign. Also you may want to consider making a request to a spirit like Sastan to help open up your abilities in this area if you haven’t already.

Btw…its kinda crazy how your username spelled backwards is Verdo :astonished:


I thought it was orderv until I looked twice. Serves me for peeping threads on lunch break hmm.

@Verdo By the way, in keeping with the thread topic what does the crossroads look like? I can’t say I’ve made it there yet (as far as I can tell) so I’m kinda curious.

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I would say it looks/feels “dreamy.” It’s like dreaming while awake. Your thoughts start feeling more and more real, to where it becomes difficult to discern between the imagination and the real.

EDIT: This reminds me…@Odrev, you should also consider closing your eyes when you are in this space…and try to see the entity with your internal vision. Your eyelids work as a sort of natural scrying mirror…but this is really a scrying mirror into your mind. Its much easier to see a spirit in your minds eye this way than it is to see one with your physical eyes…so I’d try that as a stepping stone


Thanks @Verdo In that case I’ve got close (like halfway there) but somehow before getting all the way I somehow stop myself with a kinda I guess an how to describe it is an oops gotta make sure I don’t goof this up kinda stoppage. Like I guess I’ve started to go there then thought I was losing grasp on the ritual and tried to cling to the then now what I’m doing. Does that make sense? Any suggestions for how to avoid putting on the breaks then?


Yeah i hear you. I would suggest doing simple meditations when you are attempting to go deeper. I find that I get more easily distracted when attempting more complex meditations where i need to imagine many moving parts. So a simple Zen meditation where you count your breaths internally can work well. If a thought pops in, you acknowledge it, then let it go and continue your counting.

Something that helped me with this too actually was using Cannabis. Cannabis has been used by many ancient religions and occultists (including Crowley) for this purpose. If one uses Cannabis as a sort of training wheels to feel what its like to be in that state, it can help you quite a bit to get there again without the drug.

A non drug method of getting there would also be sleep deprivation. When you go without sleep for a few days, your body will naturally find itself within this state, without any work required on your part. Doing a ritual to an entity like sastan while sleep deprived can yield interesting results.


Also, this can be potentially dangerous. Don’t think that because you aren’t using drugs that you are any less impaired.


I’m not much of a fan of cannabis back in the day had a bad experience it was ok with the rest of the group at school but after when going home Fukn paranoid city. So would booze do instead?

Add: of course part of that could have been cuz it was illegal at the time and I also was afraid I’d get in shit smelling of smoke coming home from school so not saying it’d act that way now on me. Just I’d rather not find out it wasn’t a one time paranoia I know.

I’m not too sure about the booze, as I find that booze leaves me feeling too sickly but your mileage may vary. However, what i should say though about the cannabis is that you really don’t need a lot. A single toke or two is all you need…and you would couple that with your preferred meditation. You will want to avoid getting flat out stoned, so the amount you take should be low enough to avoid those feelings of paranoia that happens at higher levels of THC.


You get to that crossroads in Mississippi and pray to the gods of Robert Johnson for what you seek. Don’t forget to include a candle and offerings. :wink: A Deal With The Devil? The Robert Johnson You Don't Know | Iowa Public Radio

Odrev was a name used by an old friend back in the day :sweat_smile: , now look, I evoke daily and am extremely close to visual manifestation, the things you said about being in TGS all are correct but usually with time and habit they go away.
At the start I used to have the falling sensation and the rest but as you become more able to go deeper into trance these stop, I am now able to go into crossroads in about 5-10 minutes after the ritual has begun, 10 minutes tops.
I would personally not advocate on using cannabis or sleep deprivation as some people mentioned because with practice anyone can get to the point I am at, believe me people, I know that a lot of others have said the same but if I can make it there than you definitely can, other than that you cannot make yourself dependent upon mind altering substances of any kind, even cannabis, or sleep deprivation because with enough practice you can get there naturally and you can do it fast.
Now, about the closing the eyes while in crossroads, I used to do that at the start when the state was too deep for me to remain fully conscious but again, once you get used to it, it becomes much easier, also I cannot have my eyes closed whilst wanting to see a spirit in front of me.
About seeing the entity, my internal vision works very well even when I have my eyes open, I am able to see the spirit as clearly as I would see a person with my normal eyes, with every detail from the colour of their eyes and their facial features to the jewelry they might be wearing.
Yesterday I evoked Sastan again and was able to see him so vividly, not only on the internal vision but I almost had a full manifestation, for anyone who has seen E.A’s structuring exercise, when he says that it’s like an outline in the static rain?
I had that in the smoke but the outline was 3D, I am certain that if I had retained the crossroads state for longer I would have been able to see Sastan completely, it only took me 20 minutes to get to that state but unfortunately some a-hole on my building dropped something really heavy which made me immediately go out of trance.
The reason I was asking for advice to begin with is because whilst I have managed to understand everything up to this point either through the course, trial and error, or research on the forum, on this part of the ritual there is so little information, and said information is mostly unclear, at least to me that is.


On what you said about the trance states, I have everything that happens on the exterior to happen, for example when in TGS, I do see the static, or more specifically in evocation the sigil does disappear.
One thing that I have noticed that is not usually normal with sigil work is that every time I work with sigils, be it scrying in a mirror, evocation or anything else, when the sigil disappears, it is permanent for the duration of the ritual, I will be unable to see the sigil again until I am completely out of trance, instead of it disappearing and re-appearing as E.A suggests.
When the rapture begins the room becomes all foggy like the smoke on the scrying mirror or of the incense has filled it up, even though I know for a fact that that can’t be so because I have noticed the burning of incense while not being in ritual so I know that in order to get the room I use for ritual this foggy it takes a minimum of 30 minutes of incense burning continuously, but the fog appears after 3 minutes usually, then after that I continue chanting the incantation and calling for the spirit.
When I enter crossroads my eyelids get heavy immediately and everything becomes completely dark, the only things that remain visible are the paper on which the sigil is created (with the sigil still being invisible, so only the paper) and a small portion of light from the candles, after continued chanting and calling the spirit to appear before me for a few minutes more, the smoke begins to re-appear, a little time after that I can see it clearer and becoming brighter, like it is glowing, that is where I have been able to come to at the moment, with the exception of the aforementioned ritual with Sastan yesterday, where I was able to begin seeing the 3D outline.
(Also, a very important note, you focus yourself on the image of the spirit in your mind for the duration of the ritual, after the point of the sigil disappearing)


I used to be exactly like that, the only key I have for you is time and practice, like E.A says, it’s like turning a knob, not lighting a switch, although once you are there it will pretty much feel like lighting a switch, because of how easy it will be for you to perform a ritual of the same type again.
The most important thing when you practice is consistency, I do rituals every day, unless I am high, but I avoid it as much as possible in order to be able to do more rituals.
No drugs, no alcohol, no sleep deprivation, no anything that would sway your mind off the normal way it functions before the start of the ritual, if you do want to become an adept (and I don’t know about the rest but that is my goal personally), you cannot rely on such methods, you must be able to get into trance naturally, I know it’s hard work, because I have done most of it, but believe me, it’s worth it, because when you do reach that point, you will be able to perform ritual without the need of substances or needing to wait 2 or 3 or 4 days to do a ritual whilst continuously staying awake through that period, that is madness, plus you are harming your body and your mind in the process.
People, IT CAN BE DONE NATURALLY, it just takes a lot of practice.
I have been at it for almost two years now non stop, doing ritual every day, when I began and wanted to open my spiritual sight and hearing I would do structuring, scrying (fire, mirror, water) visualizations and everything in between, I did at least five rituals a day, for months without any results (perhaps the quantity of daily rituals was to blame), it’s all about trial and error, once you figure out what works then you move onto the next part of the puzzle.
I would also do more than one evocation per day, but at the point I am at the moment, it is an undertaking that is too heavy for me.
To answer your question about avoiding putting on the breaks, every time you go into ritual, forget anything else and just push forward, no matter what once you are in the ritual you continue forward, and little by little you get to the point where you want to be, you only need do baby steps, not leaps.
Even if you F something up once or twice, don’t worry about it (as long as you do so with a spirit that is considered safe to work with).
That is why we F up, to learn, I have F’d up countless times, but have done so safely enough to not have any consequences.
If you lose grasp of the ritual, again, just continue from where you left off, continuing even though stalled is better than stopping and having called the spirit for nothing.


@Odrev when you say you evoke every single day. Which spirit do you evoke? Are they ok with being evoked this often? Do you have offerings out for them this often? If yes can you share what they are. Offerings can get quite expensive.

The spirits that I am working with at the moment are Sastan and Paralda.
They seem to manifest every time I call upon them so to my knowledge at least there seems to be no problem, since I have been doing so for at least 3 months (since the middle of August) I believe that if they were to have an issue with me evoking them this often they would have made it abundantly clear by now.
As for offerings, no, I have not given them any offerings as of yet, unless praising their help to the forum is considered one, in that case, I have just done so. Offerings do indeed get quite expensive, but I only give the highest quality of offerings when I decide to give an offering to a spirit, that being my blood.
I personally find it meaningless to offer things that are for the most part readily available, such as incense, tobacco, cigars or alcohol, but blood is a very special and powerful offering.
The reason I haven’t given them an offering though is because when I give offerings of blood I do so by cutting my palm with a knife and smearing the blood on the spirit’s sigil, but that renders the sigil useless for any further workings, so there you have it :grin:


You fold it and put it somewhere safe and out of sight, when the goal is achieved open it, look at it, thank the spirit for helping you and then discard it by burning it.

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So nobody who has seen this thread has had a manifestation? Out of 170 people? :thinking:

reading the comments on this thread makes me realise that I must be visiting the crossroads in astral form, on a fairly regular basis.

Darkness, seeing the room I’ve fallen asleep in but one or two things are different, having it feel so real but also dreamlike.

So anyway, if that is the crossroads that I’ve… let’s say… experienced, your emotions will partially navigate how the experience goes, so be sure not to feel upset or any kind of fear if you want a pleasant experience, but at the same time, it is the crossroads :woman_shrugging:usually it is a place where spirits can communicate with you whilst your guard is down and either present themselves to you or test you, You will feel how you feel when you usually fall asleep, is the best way I can describe it.

That’s just my experience though.

It will probably be different for everyone.

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That sounds more like astral projection than visiting the crossroads using the ritual of evocation.
When I visit the crossroads during evocation I am fully conscious, not sleeping, unless what you are saying is that the state you are in feels like you are sleeping, or about to, in that case I do agree that it is so.
Also when I go into crossroads I cannot see the room at all, only darkness, a little light from the candles and the smoke.