What happens when you bind an ex to you debate

Me and a friend are having a debate and I would like to know your opinions about it if you have an Experience with it share below his point is they will love you again and not want to leave my point is basically being handcuff to someone trying to run away from you lol

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Define “bind”.

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It’s called marriage.


Can you define it

Is it really though lol

To magically “bind” someone to you does not mean they will love you. It means they will basically magically shackled to you.
Marriage is known as a “binding contract” but that doesnt always mean happy times.
Then there is the idea of “binding one in love,hate ect” the issue here there are usually 2 outcomes go this either the persons “true will” will reassert itself overtime or you may end up putting the person into that obsessive state that resembles love to some. :skull_and_crossbones: neither have a tendency to end well.

Another example is when you bind down someones actions. Your tieing them up and limiting what they can do.

When ya bind someones tongue its like gagging or hammering a nail in their tongue.

Bind them to a place would be like chaining them to a stake in the ground. Just a lonnnng chain if to a certain city, state ect.


That’s what I tried to explain to him you took the words right out of my mouth your basically being handcuffed

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Yeah this is why the experiments of magick focused on “getting the ex back” are hit and miss or seem temporary. Cause if they never wanted to get back and magick was used to subvert that you are turning the person into a puppet and destroying the traits that you fell for in the first place.

This is why using magick to attract love,romance ect into your life goes a bit more soother than focusing these on one person. If there was already an emotional resonance in the person your magick will turn ya into a kind of magnet. This will allow ya to capitalize on the opportunity.


Bind doesn’t equate to love. Binding is serious shit. I don’t care how much you love someone ,if you bind them to you you’re basically fucking yourself even if it goes south. Example: toxic relationship. And you stay because somehow someway you two can’t be apart.


It fucks up the life of the person bound. Trust me. Almost 10 years personal experience. The real kicker is she isnt even in my damn life nor tries to be. This was recently discovered to be the actual case. I do not think. I know…and Im pissed.


@Jac_DeVinna Do you care to explain?? how did you come to this Conclusion?

That it is fucked up? Or an actuality? A powerful magician helped me. It went from asking if I were cursed in any way to him telling me what she did, how she did it, why she did it and how I can end the cycle.

I did not mention anyone personal up to the cursed part. He said yes, did some divining and saw I was bound. From there Im going to keep it private.


Oh so you were the one bounded to her.what did you go through were you obsessed ? A lot of people don’t know what actually happens to the person who is bound

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Any romantic relationship would abruptly fail. One went from saying she loved me one day to calling me “amigo” the next. My career stagnated and it could have had other far reaching results. I would stay away from binding anyone for selfish reasons other than revenge because now a vengeful spirit wants to help me get that revenge.

She turned me into her destroyer essentially. I wont feel bad about it one bit.

Yes I was obsessed. There has barely been one day out of all these years where I had not thought about her. I knew something had to be up because she did me wrong, not the other way around.

From a purely scientific standpoint, it is fascinating how powerful this binding was. However, I lost years of my life because someone was a fucking sociopath and could not admit she was the one wrong.


I can’t stress this enough. DON’T DO IT . Thank gods I didn’t get everything I thought I wanted. Binding would be horrid.


I’m glad you broke free from it and now you can get yourself together me I’m all for a tastes of your own Medicine even though some will say move on but do what you got to do brother

Yeah what you said. DO NOT FUCKING DO IT. This is not playtime. There are far reaching consequences. Listen to her.


Were you trying to get an ex or was this for a new lover

Oh! Well then yeah, basically what everyone else said; it’s fucked up.

do you mean what happens if you bind yourself to someone and vice versa in a relationship then you guys break up? cuz i’d like to know that too. and is there any way to break a bind? or are you essentially just bound to them forever no matter what

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