What happens when I give something to a demon?

When I summon a demon and give him , for example , Incense, liquor, etc , what happens to it ? where does it go ?

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It doesn’t “go” anywhere. The entity absorbs the essence of the offering, but it still remains in the physical plane. However, it has been noted by some that the taste/colour/smell of it may physically change.


So if I offer liquor , after the evocation I can still drink it ? Or after the evocation I can use the incense ?

When i offer liquor or food i usually leave it outside. I find a spot, give thanks to that spirit and pour some out in their honor, or leave what ever food there. Dispose of it, but in a way that’s more meaningful than just dumping it down the sink


Usually the spirits cannot taste the offering. @DarkestKnight is on point with his post. What I usually like to do is ask the entity to take pleasure in my senses. I then taste the food while chanting their name in order to sort of bring them to my level or meet them half way so to speak


I live in an apartment building so can I pour it out of my window ? (Not on the sidewalk ) .

Apartment is a bit tricky, but just walk it down to the bottom floor and pour it on the lawn. If it’s a place like say new york city where there is only more sidewalk, then on the sidewalk will be fine. I wouldn’t suggest out the window only because, knowing my luck it would end up landing on someone

The way my building is , It’s like a fire escape and at the bottom is nothing . No one walks there or anything like that . It’s like a long way to the edge .

The chances of it landing on someone is very very very slim to none .

in that case i don’t see why that wouldn’t be acceptable. I would leave it out on the altar for a little bit after the ritual and then when you feel enough time has passed you can dispose of it. A lot of it is following intuition or ask how the spirit would like the offering disposed of.

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Thanks !

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Also do I have to use the incense that they “like” or is it just preferred ?

i like to give liquid,recently i have been offering liquid,specially beer,but in the form that i like to drink ( cold )

i also live in a building,in the top of a bank,center of the city so i understand how hard is to do things in a building

also,let they guide you,they will say what they want to be add,for example i placed the beer in the altar and went to Bed,at some point of night i felt osme energy pointing at my forehead and i felt that Belial Arrived,at this second i felt 100% his voice in my head,clean and direct * he wanted my sperm in the beer *

the beer was in a glass,i then did that,ok,days passed and the beer had to be discarted.

yesterday my nose started to bleed,due to the hot weather,he asked to place a few drops over his sigil…

idk if its right or wrong but my altar is beside my bed,maybe not adequated because it really private me of sleep sometimes but i feel happy with it,with the fact that the altar is beside of my bed,then i dont care

you will discover in the time,all this little details,i also had the same doubt


But I live with my mom . I can’t have an altar or do any of that stuff because she is very nosy.

i made a customized necklace with his sigil and when i am traveling,i use this…
i grab the necklace,i put some of my blood in it,it will dry fast,so no problem…

thats what i do,not sure how others do as i started to do this in this manner,to be able to do it in anytime/any place


Never, ever, drink or eat anything offered to a spirit, unless it is a ritual passing of the chalice, such as asking the spirit to imbibe it with their power so you can take it into yourself. Offerings are usually disposed of after leaving them for at least 24 hours. I have read some authors who say it is alright to throw them in the garbage because the spirits have already taken its essence, but traditionally, the proper way to dispose of them is giving them to the elements, particularly water or earth. With my offering of chocolate to King Paimon, I left it on my altar for about 36 hours, and then buried it in my yard.

If you want to know more about offerings, along with a very simple offering ritual, I highly recommend Jason Miller’s book Sorcerer’s Secret. It is chock full of very useful information.


Should I use the incense of the demon or any incense to summon the demon ?

You can use any incense to evoke a demon. EA is very fond of using copal resin or Dittany (sp?) of Crete, which are great for pretty much any entity. However, if you know there is a particular incense the entity prefers, either through a correspondence table like 777 or just by asking, then I would use that. Certain scents are said to correspond to certain Spheres of the Tree of Life and so are usually something to keep in mind when dealing with the Qabbalah or Qlippoth, and sometimes planetary spirits, but I wouldn’t worry about it with most demons.

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Have you ever summoned Sallos , Orobas or Buer ?

if you offer alcohol or food to them then yeah, don’t eat/drink it yourself. I usually pour it on soil so it’s absorbed by the earth.

I have had a drink in the name/honor of a demon after a ritual. I poured a pretty large shot of vodka. Did my ritual and told him I would consume the drink in his name.

I absolutely CANNOT do shots of alcohol. I end up sick if I do. However, this time, the drink went down like water and I felt totally normal after it. Not even buzzed.

I haven’t done that with food but I think it’s important to specify what you will do with the offering upfront so it’s clear.