What happens to the human mothers or fathers of ubis?

I’m make this short
I had a vision which is common for me ,
About a man around bout his early or late 20s
And he was in his spirit body , this man had two kids by both his sides and was look at a invisible
Figure (which was his wife I felt) and but his face was not that of happiness or rejoice but misery .
As he and the child had walked forth towards the mother of his and her kids …the man had swiftly. Went from one location to another .now he was presented on the bed laying on his back and legs hanging off the bed
( The unknown man turned into me) .His first born the boy had a wicked wide sharp teeth smile and while the girl still at its mother .than out of no were the boy and the girl were
Nibbling at the father’s. Lower part of
His tummy and they at the same time looking up at him .
Than but before I had that vision …i had a vision about
My body being pinned about 5ft up on the wall …unable to move nor speck but somehow had manage one of the paralyzed part (mouth) I spoke the name "God??
but had no reply but just being flashed out of the window and up into the sky. By force and once ive reach a certain extinct the sky had a blocker or
Force flied or flexible shield of protection or rejection towards those not in the grace of god or whatever and then as it rejected me I fell back down to earth and that’s when the vision I spoke of had happened (story above)butoh and even tho my eyes were closed I coupd sense this huge tall (9ft or 10ft.) Tall. Women looking at me .

And once I had asked my wife of her mother but there
An expression of great sorrow and tragedy on her face and guilt.and then in saw one of her brother having that same face as her, one I was talking to him bout it .

Where’s the part about the ubis? Were you asleep? Seems like a nightmare with some religious stuff thrown in.

I tried talking to my wife bout it more than once being very opened and understanding if she wasnt to tell me then but in someday she’ll tell me …mabye.

The kids …i think thats what their called or cambions
I was asleep too.

This just seems like religious guilt to me. Maybe someone else will see it differently.

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By means my consciousness toying around with religion side of me or at least my mother’s
And then my guilt for not being faithfully
To her believe?

But I tried so much to talk with my wife. About everything …no sugar coding ! What so ever and still nothing reviled about her

So nothing crazy happening to their mother 's ???and another reason id asked bc I heard that succubus
Eat humans and sooo hebe idk what the fuck to think
They were not specific bout that (like not all of them …just some succubus’s ) and well put two and two
Together u get I’m fucked !:flushed:
I hope i dont look like some damn food or all u can buffay​:hamburger::pancakes:

And fathers ???

Imean idts hell after all and nothing there is happy and in good hands no matter if u married
to succi or incubi so I heard too

This has never happened to me and I interact with my succubus frequently.

Let’s take a step back and remember this wasn’t happening here in normal life.

Thankfully wasn’t happening here in normal life

Not Today Cemor!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh umm speaking on the subjects of mothers and fathers I still hadn’t receive any answer upon the situation of my sister?

I had asked for some tips or lists of positive or main
Signs of Rather or not if she is
pregnant with her second child if u want to answer this
Please give ur consent bc this is women shit soo idk what the fuck is up lol.
Then I’ll br done for today.

I think it’s best someone else helps you. Best of luck.

What? :woman_shrugging:t5: Is this a journal of some sort? It’s hard to provide help when the questions or concerns are all over the place and scattered about…

Hopefully someone can come along and give guidance.

Good luck.


Succubi and Incubi do not eat humans. They consensually exchange energy within a trusting relationship.

I agree with norse, you’re projecting some kind of negativity like guilt onto this “wife” construct/entity.
I would add that your fears are attracting psychic attack from lesser entities. A symptom of psychic attack is anxiety and paranoia - you’re being played but not by succubi.
Banish and cleanse, get your head right.

Nope, but you keep freaking out and giving your power away like this, you 're not just doing that to yourself, you’re attracting parasites - you can stop it, anytime you like.

I suggest you do that and get clear first, then go back to trying to contact this wife thing, you can’t trust any of the information while there’s parasitic interference.

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Srry for the scattered mess lol its just alot of shit

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But ill do that indeed