What happens after death,when you make a pact with demons?

What happens after death,when you make a pact with demons???Does demons take human to their realm after human death???Please I want answer…


The whole “going to Hell for working with demons” thing is religious propaganda.

I’ve been told by the Archangel Azrael that we just reincarnate.


Thanks,So what we must do to avoid reincarnation???


I think there are a few threads floating around on that subject.

Why do you want to avoid reincarnation?


I want to live as God just like demons and angels,they are immortal and they have paranormal abilities which I would like to have.
I don’t think human civilization would last longer…


Actually, after death pact is over.

You should know that there is no one realm for demon. Your level of ascendance will determine where you meet yourself after death.

You’re not forced to incarnate, you choose to. And if you see it’s not yet time get a body of flesh, you would remain in the spirit world there or the plane where you found yourself, as a wandering Spirit.


No one actually can give you a straightforward answer to this some might consider themselves signing pact to join their legion when they move on from here, as one of them or as their servant unknowingly.


If you ‘decide’ or have to, you will reincarnate before or after. It’s up to your higher self, and not your ‘ego’ down in the material plane (this is why I’ve always say that you have to trust in yourself, your higher self, because he/she knews the things better, so even yourself).
After I’ve reading some books and talking with “Masters”, they’re told me that the older the spirit itself, the ‘biggest’ the period between his/her two incarnate.

I’ve got no time to figure out this ‘statement’ more precisely, but I’ll.

when you make a pact with demons?

I’m absolutely sure that some of us are Demons as well, and this whole creep story about “You’ll going to Hell if you working with the Devils” isn’t true.

Different dimensions and realms are exists.

I want to live as God just like demons and angels,they are immortal and they have paranormal abilities which I would like to have.

It is only your human ego’s wish, nothing more. Your spirit clearly knows that incarnations can be very important, and not only because your self-development, but for bigger causes. You have to embrace your higher self’s decision…

(And anyway, your highest self won’t lose his abilities and potential, he’ll grows, so you do. You just have to grow in the material realm, and with every incarnation, you’ll - but it depends on how you live and how you spend your time here.)

…Or you can deny it, but you’ll suffer then by yourself, until you didn’t understand. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Your choice.


Our Ancestors live in Ancestor plane,where they are unhappy.That is why our ancestors reincarnate on earth Because Ancestor Realm is dark and there is no heaven.

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Huh well, this would be an interesting discuss but I’ll skip it now for good reasons.

I disagree with you, again but… Just one question:

If They would be unhappy, and you think this is the reason why Their incarnating, then why do you try avoid reincarnation so hard?


To break this reincarnation cycle from earth to ancestor to earth cycle.It goes on until your soul have enough energy to remain independent like demons and angels do…The Ancestors are always worried and they watch us…


You can do that without breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

I attribute this mentality that people have with a fear of the future brought upon the realization that the world is more fucked up than we imagined.

Mankind has suffered through many problematic times, but we’re still here. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.


More specifically, after both parties in the pact have delivered what they agreed to deliver - it is over. It is no different than any other contract two people sign. They both have things they agreed to deliver. When they do - pact is finished. The trick is to not obligate yourself to something that will literally take a lifetime to deliver upon. Keep pacts simple, short and precise.