What happened?

Last night I’ve called Belial before falling asleep, I do this every night, but Last night something happened. With my eyes closed I have seen some green eyes that have disappeared and a shadow moving from right to left and around. Before went to sleep, like 1 hour before, went to my bedroom door and felt something as she wanted to enter in my bedroom but she was there making noises like cats usually do .
After that, I’ve seen something, like I was able to see with my eyes closed ( astral experience) but wasn’t clear enough. I had a good feeling and wanted to see more clear, to be more focused but, didn’t succeed, changed my position and went to sleep.( I know for sure that I wasn’t asleep because I was aware of everything). This morning I woke up earlier and fully charged with energy.

Need to mention that I’ve never experienced this manifestation.


Well it seems like a manifestation just as you’ve said, that’s what happened. One with good intentions too, as you mention waking up feeling fully charged. That’s always a good sign.

Thanks for your reply and confirmation. As I said, never happened to me this way and, even my cat to react to his presence.
It was totally different

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My dog has reacted to stuff before as well. Was definitely interesting to see the first couple of times it happened lol.

For me too, I’ve started laughing when my cat reacted in that manner but felt really good to have Belial again around

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