What happened to me?

I was lying in my bed and I started to think about a video I saw not long ago. I was imagining the guy in the video standing in front of a big mirror and it was quite dark but you could see the people in the room almost clearly. Beside him in the mirror I saw another him beside his reflection and it had glowing red eyes so I started screaming and I remember ”coming back” and seeing nothing like you do when you close your eyes.
I then began hearing those people again out of nowhere and it got louder and louder until it for real felt like I was in the room with them and hearing them as if I was there. I couldn’t see anything but I heard them clear as fuck.
It felt like I was someplace else but still in my bed.
It felt like I was floating. I could really feel my right arm in the air and I wanted to know what happened if I didn’t move or anything.
It started moving towards the bed but when it kept moving like it was going under the bed that’s when I started pushing my hand down and trying to feel the blanket. Eventually I felt it and I slowly came back to ”this world”. I knew I was here in my bed but my mind and body was somewhere else.

Do any of you know what happened to me?


When I’m drifting between states I often have auditory or kinesthetic hallucinations. In the past I’ve used that state as a way to make certain kinds of magic easier. I don’t know caused the specifics, but I would guess that the reason that such strange sensations were even possible was because you were laying in bed, really relaxed, and entered that liminal state where you are neither dreaming nor awake.


if it is so apparent, then most likely it was an hallucination. hope nothing serious where you may need medication. nevertheless do some banishing/grounding ritual and keep an activated sigil of archangel michael for protection, Just in case it is related to something occult.


Maybe meditate on whether an entity intervened and caused this to happen. Maybe not this specifically, but they might’ve powered you up or unlocked something in you as part of the process of working with them.


Sounds pretty dope


It’s called lucid dreaming, you woke up in the dream and came back to awake state because it freaked you out.

You could have witnessed a real situation, which would be vision / foresight.
Also called remote viewing.

It’s reasonable to think that,
Becouse of the grade of how real everything felt, even coming at you when you 'Re almost here, back in your room, in sleep paralyzis.

That stage is also called the crossroads or void /abyss.

Congratulations, you reached a state many here use to control and alter (change) the reality.


¥’ Berioth