What happened to JS Garret?

Website gone.No Youtubes in months.Everything ok? I was looking forward to trying the Abbadon curse box.Already using the Vampire box for over 3 months on an enemy with no results.Hoping for something stronger.


I think he has chosen to withdraw from the public eye.

Edit: He is currently still listed for ritual for hire on the BALG website though.


He’s on a new YT channel.


Name of it?


With patience :wink:



On the topic of people going dark, does anyone also know what happened to JD Temple?

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JD has been posting more actively again on his YT and hanging out in the livechats of rhe premiers of the prerecorded stuff.


Dang I hope he’s alright
Was hoping to get a Shemyaza working with him

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He is, he’s just on a different channel now


I think we all wish to do that, pearls to swines can only go so far untill you start to lose your mind.

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I think some people like attention and fame. Sure, people might not take your seriously and poke fun of you, but the alternative of basically not existing isn’t so great. Someone said the number of haters poking fun at you is a measure of your popularity.


He got called out because he got caught being emotionally and verbally abusive to his wife.

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There was no proof. A recording doesn’t prove it was JS. I’m not trying to defend, but I’m skeptical, and for me it is innocent until proven guilty. The person who put it out there isn’t a reliable source imb.

If you listen to the recordings, it’s actually how a lot of divorces go, unfortunately.

I’m not defending or condoning his choices in those moments, but if you listen what was said, clearly there were things that led up to what was said. Nex provided those recordings out of context (and wrongfully might I add, that’s their private situations at home that aren’t for anyone else’s ears). You don’t say those sort of things or come to those conclusions over night, clearly they’ve been having issues prior to that. Either way, I personally feel Nex had no business putting that out there, however that’s how I personally feel. You’re welcome to think otherwise as you are your own individual.

On that note, I also don’t think it was abusive per se. Those remarks are very common in divorces and he may not have meant it in the heat of the moment. (Again, not giving the man an excuse.)

I am someone who grew up in a broken home. I know what a divorce looks and sounds like and what it feels like to go through one as a child. Nex made it worse for everyone involved by doing what he did and made the lives of the children very uncomfortable and in an unnecessary manner. Divorces are not pretty and are not meant to be and even if they start out nice and civil, they typically end terribly.

Nothing happened to JS; he just made a new YT channel after their separation, that’s all.


I agree. I oversaw the divorce of my own parents and in the process they went to depths that would’ve been absolutely destructive for both had I not been present to be a mediator.

Anger and tension is REALLY real when you see it in something like that.

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Well, I had a rather unusual divorce. My ex just left me so he could live as if the great reset is a real thing and he has no choice but to do what they want.

I talked with Barbie shortly during that time and she said that she was no longer with J.S. website. Of course, I haven’t been on facebook in over the last two months do to certain things I’ve been facing and threatened by. So, I don’t know all exactly that’s going on. I saw a video on Youtube that Astra Magicks posted but I don’t know. Does anyone know if Barbie is back up and offering her services again? I know she told me that she’d have her website back up in a month or so but again, I don’t know for sure since I haven’t been on social media in like 2 months or so.

As far as I know she doesn’t have a website or channel. I won’t repeat gossip on fakebook.

Fair enough, I’m just trying to gather information so I just have a clear understanding as to what the hell was going on.