What god, or male deity, or incubi is best for a newbie?

Um, hi again. I have read your comments on my first blog on here, and it made me overwhelmed since I wasn’t expecting a lot of advice nor kindness due too my size. Thank you guys.

So, since I am a newbie what being is the best deity I should research on, guidance, and help evoking. And, also help with two things; my issue orgasming since I can squirt, but, porn or imagination barely helps, and two i have problems feeling a guy size down there. I barely masturbate with my dildo, but use my fingers or vibrator on my clit, so when i use my dildo the first time in 3 months i can feel it which makes me go over. I think its 7.5 inches in length and below to average girth. (Tmi im sorry).

What I want in a partner/lover is someone protective, loyal and is okay with me talking too humans, dominant in bed (softcore wise), understand my limits, romantic, accepting, appreciative, likes it when i am being submissive in the bedroom, funny, cocky, and help me with my confidence and low esteem.

Also, another thing I wanna ask is what is it like having sex with them? Can you feel it physical, like there size inside you? Or, astral?

Here’s what I did to find my mentor spirit. We aren’t sexual, or romantic but it would work in a similar way. I thought for a few days about finding a spirit willing to mentor me, as well as what qualities I needed. Within a week I was slammed with synchronicity that led me here as well as to S. Connolly’s work. As I read through it i was struck by the beauty of their name. It felt heavy and pleasurable on my tongue.

I found myself getting links that kept bringing me back to them. As well as coming across information and pop culture placement relevant to them, that I couldn’t have possibly known about. So I dialed them up and it’s been a hell of a ride.

Biggest thing. Be careful for what you wish for, and don’t over commit. Such as promising forever before you get to know them. Or swearing loyalty that you dismiss within a few weeks.


Interesting, what was it like at first? Were you nervous in the beginning?

I’m still nervous on the initial call up a year later. But once the connection is made it’s like I’ve known them my whole life.

Another question i have, is if there was anyone on here that could do a reading on me if i have a spirit or incubus attracted me since i have dreams of a man name Erik. But, then again it could be my subconious mind helping me with what ive gone through.

Also, whom was the person you asked for? Sorry, I am asking a lot of questions i want too be informed and have information too look up and dive into too read.

I didn’t ask for anyone. I started getting sexual touches and extreme arousal, as well as odd “gifts” when I was 11. The strangest one was wanting a familiar and having a fantailed dove appear on my balcony the next morning. I ended up naming it Tempest in a silly pun. Because time flies…but it never flew around me.

As for what I wanted to find, I was attracted to spirits who handled the things that I personally lacked or had repressed. I needed to balance myself out. I found just that. We are alike enough to play well together, and different enough that I am constantly challenged and forced to grow and confront a lot of what makes me really uncomfortable.

Be honest and think about what you really “need” not what you want. And treat them well. I recently had a notoriously sexual spirit display hurt because I was willing to flirt and sexualize them, but not give of myself and allow true intimacy. It’s been corrected, and taught me a valuable lesson.

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Oh i see, and cool familiar!