What games does BALG play?

Curious as to what videogames we are all into (childish fun I know)

Also do you see and occurrences that seem beyond random? I run into 666 alot, after I sell something I get 666 or something gets divided by a number and the decimal will be .666. Sometimes I wonder if it means I’m wasting my time or Satan is just saying hi? Also get frequent 111

One other strange one, when I was new to They are Billions and there is a flamethrower unit called Lucifer. In the game, when your gold goes negative for too long, the soldiers abandon your army or rather they desert because you cant afford to pay them. I ran into negative territory just right before a zombie horde comes my way. Everyone abandoned me and left me in the dark (map literally went dark from Fog of War)except for Lucifer! I still got rekt but he was loyal and stayed to the end. I mean it’s just a game but it sure felt like a sign

Anyway, here’s some of my favourites

Metal Gear Solid 5 (all of them really)

Kenshi (underrated gem on Steam)

Divinity 2: Original Sin (beautiful and well-polished)

Totalwar: Warhammer 2 (get lots of 666 and 111 on this at times, also I believe the creators of Warhammer are actual Black Magicians because some of the Chaos lore and scripts seem too accurate)

Rimworld: Tynan’s story generator that after mods you can sink a lot of time in (also lots of 666 trades in this)

Bannerlord: A medieval butter merchant warrior economy simulator

Fallout 4: It’s great, lots of 666 trades and 111 valued items

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen: Can never bring myself to finish it but had a funny experience. You get a party of 4 people, player and 3 pawns (pawns are kind of like Angelic helpers that are eternally loyal to the Arisen) You get one pawn that stays with you your whole time and levels up with you. There’s an ingame currency called Rift Crystals (RC)

Decide to call my pawn Agrat (after Queen Agrat of course) like a level 5 pawn or whatever, somehow she earns like 2 million RC in 30 minutes (which is like an endgame amount) I still have no idea how it happened.

Anyway thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed even just my weird digital stories


i enjoy to have a console in my home more than playing😂.
my favourites are : (Xbox one s and in ps4 when had it)

GTAV,tomb raider all the series,far cry all of them,halo all the series also.
uncharted 4,ratchet and clank


Witcher 3 wild hunt.
Dragon age
Oldies but goodies


Love Uncharted, Halo soundtracks give me goosebumps sometimes Microsoft surprisingly has really good composers for a lot of their games, even State of Decay 2 really surprised me


My game of choice nowadays is Civilization V. Vox populi mod + BNW and G&K expansions = masterpiece


Civ V, Patricians choice,
was having a look at that Mod, looks like a serious Labour of Love


Normally, im not a fan of adding mods to my games, but i couldn’t imagine ever going back to playing vanilla Civ V


Dwarf fortress will change your life, just saying

Other than that I really like Yume Nikki and the various fan games (notably 2kki). LSD Dream emulator is amazing too. I dont really play games often though.


Chess, spades, euchre.


Mostly vr these days. Pistol whip/TWS:saints and sinners/blade and sorcery being most common. Got Skyrim vr a while ago. When I figure out how the modding works, I’m expecting to spend quite a few hours with it.


In the rare instances I do play games anymore, it’s usually an old NES ROM or replaying one of the original Pokemon games for the hundredth time.


WoW, it has tons of references to gods, titans, LHP philosophy/attitudes, obviously magick, the list goes on…

Currently started playing Dark Souls 3, finally time to git gud.


My latest finished one (after a lot of time at just playing games) is Gothic; I prefer the second one, but indeed the first compensated for that “being trapped in a penal colony” thing.
I have installed Diablo 3 and Age of Empires Definitive Edition… I loved and hated the original version, because you have to become proficient at countering the attacks, and when I bought the remake I knew what I was going to get myself into :grin: … The original main theme was also dope, btw sometimes I play retro and other times a bit more recent games, there are many I still didn’t finish: Crysis, Daggerfall and Morrowind, all of Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider.


I absolutely love medieval total war 2
( Something very satisfying about leading a french charge of chivalric knights into routing units.)

Mobile legends

Elder scrolls

God of war


Medieval: Total war 1 & 2,
Rome: Total war,
Napoleon: total war.
I need better hardware to play total war warhammer or shogun 2.
Also I play Warhammer 40 k: Dawn of war


total war troy-paris campaign
I suck but its a labour of love to see the lovers united


Been playing a lot of Pokemon Unite, New Pokemon Snap, Nier Reincarnation and Blasphemous.

Anxiously waiting for Fatal Frame V, Voice of Cards and Nintendo Online N64 line up to come out.


I’ve been playing a lot of Minetest (it is better than minecraft) in particular, the MineClone2 subgame.


I’ve always loved Elder Scrolls. I play ESO and Gran Turismo.


I loved the Sseth review for Dwarf Fortress. Rimworld was inspired by it I think? Cool name BTW

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