What female spirit is associated with the colour orange?

Hi, I had a dream last night and I was being directed/told to wear the colour orange by a feminine presence but I couldn’t see or sense who the actual presence was at the time …

How did the presence make you feel? Is it possible for your to draw a tarot card to help identify the spirit or to give us a little bit more information to use while putting together the jigsaw?

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Hi, I don’t know how to use tarot cards or spiritual readings etc…

It was a happy positive feeling. I was walking and I came across a bright orange t shirt. As soon as I saw it, I was in awe of the colour. ( I generally don’t like orange or ever worn anything orange in my life).

However in my dream, I was loving this colour and I was told, yes wear it. It will make you happier. And to take it as a sign that this presence was around and helping me with love/relationship matters.

Trust in your intuition, the color orange is being introduced into your life by this spirit because it wishes for you to be inspired and to broaden your horizons. Linked to both the sun and the moon, connects it to both fire and water, the spirit wants to stimulate your mind and it’s up to you take action and adapt, because the spirit has come to encourage you and guide you as at this time if you wish to make a change, you have the ability to make it manifest. This spirit guided you to this orange piece of clothing to stimulate your inner-wisdom, enhance your intuition and insight. At the present moment, your being encouraged to explore new things, be ambitious and enthusiastic.

The spirits/entities/magical beings/demons that popped into my mind:

*Agrat Bat Mahlet: one of four sacred angels begot with Samuel, she’s a mistress of sorceresses, a witch queen. She rules visual magic, illusions, control and divination.

*Circe: Enchantress, witch of the past, she teaches herbal lessons in dreams and could be encouraging you to answer her call by wearing the color she chose for you. She rules enchanting, herbs, sorcery, hydromancy, lust spells, love spells and is also the daughter of Helios, God Of The Sun. She also rules over vengeance, dark magic and empowerment!.

*Saint Claire of Assisi: A patron of psychics, she often communicates through dreams to cleanse clouded minds, open pathways to communication and enhance visions/psychic abilities.

*Saint Dymphna: I believe it could also be this option, if you have recently suffered a tragedy, or a mental/emotional trauma. She’s came to bring happiness, heal your mind, encourage you to take action and do things, while promising to protect you.

These are just the few that popped into my head straight away, it could be someone completely different, I’m not an expert, just trying to help and hopefully this did :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Really appreciate this, it most definitely did help.

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Your welcome, if you have any questions, just message me. I also forgot to mention it could be a spirit you already know, even an ancestor, if you believe this possibility then you need to look within yourself and you’ll find an inner-knowing about the identity of the spirit, it’s more than likely this spirit is going to be a friendly presence in your dreams whenever it chooses to, so it can pass messages to you and guide you.

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For me, this is Buné (Bime). :slight_smile:

Orange color is related to success, commerce, motivation, courage, legal problems; indeed how did you feel during your dream ?, I mean were you happy or afraid of something or did you felt the support of the entity or was it just a warning ?

Anyway If you 've had positive feelings ; expect good things :sunny:

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Hi, it was a happy positive feeling. As soon as I saw the orange clothing, I was in awe. It was beautiful and I really wanted to wear it. I commented in the dream saying, this is beautiful and I really like it.

Currently I am trying to manifest love/relationships in my life so could be related to this?

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It may be. But whatever it may be; it’s something that you 'll be grateful.

Thank to the deity for her support and stay humble when you’ll revel in the wonders of power.

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Yes I will. Are there any ways I can say thank you to the deity?

The best, IMHO, is to feel gratitude. You may burn an orange candle too.

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I only ever think of Lillith when warm/hot colors come into play with a feminine feeling. But I suppose how you felt during is definitely a big part.

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