What exactly are the risk and dangers of working with demons?

Try Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. It’s pathworking, and calls the demons under their superior, Lucifer.


While I have no experience with this book beyond reading it and making my own notes from it, the great thing with a lot of the modern books that have become mainstream is that they have been well researched and peer tested with safety measures built into the ritual working process, often with many years in development before publication.

This helps give reassurance and even when you read a book that seems to borrow some things from other authors, you can feel it comes from a reliable background of knowledge.

Most probably the worst thing a person could do is to grab random bits of information from all over the internet and try a do it yourself approach.

With a good book or two or three and with Balg, you will learn about different concepts and what is necessary and what is not.

Yet you say you want to know what “black magick” book to get.
The term “black magick” can mean different things to different people.
If you are interested in connecting with spirits on a personal level and for spiritual growth, ask yourself is that “black” magick to you or just simply “magick”?

It can be generally assumed that using magick to force another person’s will to your own gain and influencing their behaviour or to change events as a baneful act on someone is “black” magick.

I wonder if your own terminology is adding to your fear by thinking that everything in the occult is “Black” magick with a big scary capital BLACK. ?

You have a good list of books here. If DoM is too complex then:

Goetia Pathworking,
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons (pathworking),
The Magick of Angels and Demons (a simpler process than DoM, sigils),
The Angels of Omnipotence (sigils/glyphs and pathworking),
Mike Bee’s evocation guide,
EA’s videos, books and tutorials.

If it’s all still giving you fear then try Damon Brand’s “Words of Power” to see some real life changes and some spiritual growth. That might be all you need while you continue to read and learn.


Completely up to you. It looks complex at first, but once you break it down you will find its actually pretty straightforward. But totally over to you to determine what methods resonate with you or otherwise

Idk quite w few lol if you are scared don’t work with demons

You have to write your own summary…the angels constrain the demon to protect you and bring power to the working.

Everyone has their own opinions and philosophies so do whatever works.

I use that book and have had no negative effects.

I have this book but have only used it once. In my opinion summoning a low demon in this book is more
work than stunning a demon from demons of magick.

Do whatever you feel is right

Also we have a guide by Lady Eva. That was the first method i used