"What 'evil' did we recently?" :D

Lets post success stories of the bad kind :wink:

~You are free to alter names ands places, to disguise victims and yourself, if you like



I don’t see good or evil but if going with messed up let’s see I got revenge on a person by casting a hex making everyone who like them turn against therm finally finishing it off with taking their soul


Sometimes I lick ATM deposit envelopes at booths and put them back on top of the stack to dry. I also enjoy sitting on toll tickets for the duration of a drive, so I don’t lose them but really so the state of MA get’s a little fart blessing along with my tax dollars Does that count, or does it have to be magick?


I wouldn’t call that evil lol

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Holy Geebus that is hilarious.


I need to do something dark now…

Could creating an egregore of a stapler meant for sexual use be considered evil? Because that’s on my list of things to do.

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You fiend!!! :joy:

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I just want to know if it’s evil or not…

It sounds like a twisted disney movie. Ask a masochist they will say yes please…anyone else…yeah it may cross a few lines. I like your style though

It’s not for me, it’s for BALG.

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:sweat_smile: oh…sure it is

Me? … vampiric sigils in our own parking lot and neighbor houses

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Someone is gonna have some fun.

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I already practice my pokerface, so the “weirdo who wears supporters and has pentragrams on his walls” isn’t going to be caught :3

I do not look like I practice magic at all so I hear ya…subterfuge in plain sight.


Naaah… i didn’t drew the all in plainsight. Some of them are drawn with marker at the doors to the elevator’s control room. But sure, the rest is drawn in red on white walls :3

Surely you were not going for subtle then. Glorious.

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It was 5am now its allmost 6…( chill, no one saw me.

All -except me, enjoy the long sleep between friday and saturday to its fullest! :frowning:


Hexed an idjit sober for a 3months in a moment of road rage :japanese_ogre: :thinking:dunno if it took as i may never see um again.