What entity / spirit would cause this smell + other stuff?

This weird smell has kept happening since 2018 (coincidentally after I had my runin with skinwalkers), it’s the smell of a skunk (sometimes the smell of rotting flesh, rarely sulfer, and sometimes the smell of drains, which is interesting because usually the smell of drains is associated with earth elementals. and it doesnt stay in one location, like when I smell it inside and enter the room that that smell is in, the smell will dissapate, and then it will be in another room on the opposite end of the house) however there are none around nor anything that would cause that smell outside. It only comes around after 11pm not before and ends around 4:40am. At times I’d get a great feeling of being watched and full of dread before I start smelling it. Now it’s starting to smell like that in random rooms in my house, and still comes at the same time and goes away at the same time and same feelings of being watched and full of dread, and I have found nothing that would be the cause of that smell physically, everything is clean, and I can’t sleep with those feelings. What the hell is this?

I stopped leaving my window open at night due to this and other creepy shit happening with this, hissing coming from right outside my window, scratching on walls from outside, banging on walls from outside, seeing what look to be skinwalkers looking through the windows rarely (hairless grey/pale skinned humanoid with black eyes and a white pupil, often have nightmares of them with completely red eyes trying to get in the house), this weird very weird distorted sound/voice that sounded like a cat right in my window, weird distorted voices outside my window, and often a very low rumbling hum that you can feel physically and often the sound of something that sounds like a jet but not as loud and at top of tree level? (very similar to the hum sound) I really hate the country side of the USA shit’s wayyyy too spooky. I figured some of the sounds might be transformers about to go out, but there’s none where the sounds originated from (middle of woods or fields)

ALSO this shit never happened when I had the Simon Necronomicon for about 6 months. Which is intriguing due to the fact my father used to have one (And planned to give me his necronomicon, wasnt a simon necronomicon though, it was an older one. I don’t even know if it was a necronomicon, all I know that it was a book of the dead or something similarly named) and he saw the same ‘creatures’ I do now and they also fucked with him and my mother, and to top it off his best friend was a shapeshifter, so maybe it’s connected?

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That is your ability. Stay safe. Protect yourself call entities you trust to shield you seems like a fucker is onto you

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Also more info I forgot to add, I’ve been thinking that I had a parasite/vampire (which I did) and I thought they were the cause of everything going on, so I got rid of them, that didn’t do anything, so I got rid of my books which one vampire was attached, that didn’t do anything, I got rid of my sigils and they struck me as odd because the blood I had on them turned completely black like ink (Never has happened to me before no matter how long I had the sigils, the blood always kept it’s redish color, and never turned black like ink) and the sigils themselves felt very hot to the touch. I burned them all thinking maybe negative energy was causing shit, didn’t work. Got rid of my old rings that for sure had old bad energies attached, and still didn’t work. The last thing I didn’t/never cleared up is the whole skinwalker incident, and I’m guessing the sigils were protecting me as things have been getting way worse since I burned them. (Alot of badluck, almost wrecking again on multiple occasions in a small time span, constant negative energy, constant nightmares, can barely sleep, constantly being drained, and alot of dread plus the other stuff I mentioned above). All I got atm warding wise is a Djinn, Runes, and some salt as I burned everything else trying to figure out the cause of all this. These things aren’t only affecting me but also the people I live with.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with it, although it’s an awesome story and you should write a book about it :slight_smile:

I would try beefing up the wardings, with a a circle drawn around your whole house, if not your land.
Also put up psychic sheilds, around house and self.
And then get iron horseshoes off ebay and nail one over every entrance to the house - these are very old magick and just work, you don’t even have to enchant them, though you can if you like. This last has been the most effective for me.

Since this seems to have worked before, why not open sigils for protective entities? Paint them on the doors and window sills in metallic paint, I like copper for this, on fence posts and leave them blooded and open.
You could also charge entities to attack any of these that come on your land or into your psychic space, like having guard dogs.

You could similarly create thoughtforms to do the same. I make massive, monstrous dog-like creatures that slaver to kill my targets while being 100% loyal to me, or a couple of things that look like the Id monster from The Lost Planet classic film, it’s fun. Doesn’t really matter what they look like as long as they convince you they can effortlessly hunt and destroy your enemy :slight_smile:

The Monster from the Id - it’s invisible until it hits the camp forcefield:

Another entity I recommend from experience is Lae’ti’kohl from the Book of Azazel.
She taught me how to make defensive and offensive thoughtforms in a pathworking with her that lasted 30 days - one new one every day. Mine were mostly in my own field, and she gifted me two Lamassu for protection against projectile astral weapons.

Finally, as some of these sound like small greys, contact the Galactic Federation through Suhn’tal’ock, um, might be Kingdoms of Flame, and ask for help defending yourself, your animals and your land from them. And how to build your home into your castle.


Honestly, yeah.

Thought about doing that, I’ll see what I can do.

Other than that, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

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Cross=posting, there’s a similar discussion over here with more sugesstions:

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