What entity recommendations to find the right employee fast!

Ok guys. I’m actually going to have to use some freaky deaky evocation to find the right manager in a short period of time. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Probably clauneck. He helps with establishing businesses.

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Belial or Lucifer I’d say.

They both are powerful, can manipulate things on a big scale, and work fast in my experience.


According to Luciferian Goetia by Michael W. Ford: Leraje would tell you why?
In an initiatory sense, Lerajae is very useful to direct the desired goals and make them a reality. by
For example, one would summon Lerajae when he wants to get a specific goal, that is, a job,
travel, object, etc. Michael W. Ford Review …

From my experience is formidable, his deity in this need is quick and rewarding. If it helps, take what you consider, good wishes to you!

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