What entity can help with house-hunting?

So background story: me and my parents are working to move out of our house and into another state to be close to family. We had a house we wanted but sadly it was taken not long later. Our current place is on the market and already a bunch of people want it. But we don’t have a house to go to yet. We have searched a lot but havent found what we want. What entity can I work with that can help with leading us to the right place we want? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Saint Joseph is great for buying and selling homes.

@Eye_of_Ra asked Lucifer for hers.

The Archangel Gabriel is said to have homes under his aegis.


My first thought is actually Hermes as he helps travellers and merchants among many other things

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Do you know in what way he had helped her find her house? I see her account is suspended.

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@Empress_Arianna can better answer that question. Eye of Ra was an old account of hers.

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I was very specific and asked for a home that had every thing I needed and was also in a price range I could afford and I needed the house within I believe it was two weeks.

He came through with everything I asked for. Ive been in that house for over 2 years now.


Thank you for your help

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That’s fantastic.

I am trying to connect with him this week about house hunting and so on. I decided to search if anyone had similar , and I found your.

Hopefully he will help me also. I trust him.

Thank you.


Your welcome :grinning:

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@Saibot good luck with everything!

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Thank you