What entity am I summoning indirectly?

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I have asked this to Lady Eva already, but I would also like some more opinions about this.
Everytime that I perform (specially when doing butoh) I really loose myself and I go completly blank, normally coming back to my real estate when I hear the clappings. I actually feel something taking over me, but it’s such a strong, powerful energy and I never really could associate which entity takes me in those moments. This is a video of a very recent performance of mine where that exactly happened. Lady Eva suggested it could be Loki, which somehow I could agree because of its shapeshifting habilities, but would love to know what you guys think about this and help me figure this out so I can create a better off stage communication with this. Specially the floor part on this performance. Let me know what you think.
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(Okay, somehow I can’t post the video correctly because it gives a system error, anyone who could help me on this, please PM me and I will try to send the link :expressionless:)


There are more shapeshifters than just Loki.


While in a TGS,I took a peek into the suitation. I saw that and i painted it immediately!

I don’t fully understand the painting but I am pretty sure an entity has taken a keen interest in you
Since you have talked to Lady Eva about this - I suggest you tell her to help you get the “name” of the entity so you can evoke/invoke it to communicate with it


Had this same kind of thing pop up a lil while ago on the forum i’ll give you the same advise.

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First of all, beautiful painting :heart:
What is your interpretation of this entity?

(Let’s see if it works now)

I can tell you from experience being direct with entites trying to get your attention works. BUT it does Not go down like a hollywood movie. What has happened when ive done this is i will start getting a steady stream of synchronicity that screams their symbolism, depending on how intense it gets they may throw their name at you in your day to day life like throwing a book at your head.

Dont go looking for meaning in everything but be observant of repeating patterns.


I can understand what your saying. I guess if I look up at the signs around me in my normal everyday life I can’t sense any demonic entity, quite the opposite, I feel I’m being always guarded by angels (specially my connection with Raphael is growing everyday more, since I’m in a healing process which I requested his help).
Just when I perform is when I feel this completly different energy. Yesterday while meditating I tried to ask the name of this essence, but somehow the only thing that came to my mind was this pure setence : ’ Why should I go, if I get applauded? ’ …

From what i have seen “asking” leaves to many possible loopholes to be taken advantage. This is why i use the would “interrogate” it implies a Demand for id basically. It is also why i phase it this way

“make yourself known, identify yourself in a manner i will recognize or kindly get the hell out!! You are wasting my time and yours!”

I am not aiming to disrespect a potential teacher but if i make it clear i can not tell who or what they are, let them know HOW to tell me and the decide not to then to please leave. I am doing Alot of various projects so there i normaly a storm of ambient energy around me at any given time. So being subtle in approach will generally not work with me.


Did you find out who it was? :slight_smile:

Not really …

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