What does this symbol mean (if anything)?

This randomly scryed into my eyelids the other night and I was wondering if it meant anything or if it’s random subconscious stuff regurgitating itself into my awareness…

I can definitely see a crescent moon, but what struck me was the circle in the middle. And I have no idea what it could mean if anything.



@Mind_Seeker20 This reminds me of when there is a cresent moon and venus is visable in its alignment. So could be a channelled symbol of that.



Oh cool. So some moon-venus alignment type of stuff?

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It looks to me basically like a stylized goddess symbol that is often used in Wicca and other feminine-centric spiritual movements:

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Hmm, maybe, I didn’t see a spiral though.

@Mind_Seeker20 I believe there is moon, venus and jupiter alignment occurring on the 22nd of Feb this month. So you could possibly use this energy in your work.

The symbol doesn’t have to have a spiral. That’s just one version of it.

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I haven’t worked with planetary energy stuff before. So it’ll be interesting if it’s in relation to that. I’ll keep in mind about Feb. 22nd.

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Ah, so there’s lots of different variations of the symbol.


Yes. It’s a stylized female figure, generally used to represent the Triple Goddess of Wicca. Some versions include the spiral (which is at the womb), flowers, and the moon, but they all have the same shape and the upturned arms.

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It reminds me of Sailor Moon wand

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I have no idea what that is

To me it looked more like a crescent moon turned upright… But I can see how it could look like arms too.

Its a Japanese girl comic/manga from the 90s anime/cartoon

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Cool, I guess?

Why does it matter what or where the information comes from? Knowledge is Knowledge and so called kids cartoons sometimes have a deeper understanding to them the what’s on the surface.

Especially the Japanese have deep manga (its rare but its out there).

Some info about the wand.

Off topic this movie scene highlights my points

The moon stick itself doesn’t look very similar to what I drew. The moon is tilted in a different direction and it’s missing all the rest that I drew… thanks for the suggestion, I just don’t think that’s it though. I would bet it’s more like what @DarkestKnight suggested earlier. Thanks for the help though!

I honestly don’t know how to properly give a none jokingly respond to your response so i will simply leave this here for others to decide for themselves.


Both have a giant Cresent moon :crescent_moon:, a handle and i presume is a :gem: gem in the middle.