What does this number mean?

I invoked Lucifer a few weeks ago, asking for guidance to help a friend break a bad streak in her business dealings, as well as guidance in dealing with some legal entanglements regarding her late father’s estate and her part of the inheritance. She keeps waking up from odd dreams at exactly 2:42 am, for several weeks now. I am trying to understand what is being communicated here. At first she and I thought it might be a reference to page 242 of a demonolatry book we were both reading (on that page was an introductory ritual to the rite of Belial, in which he, Eurynomous, Baelberith, and Leviathan are invoked in order to hear requests), but I am wondering if the number had some other significance as far as numerology or something else. I feel like an answer to this is just out of my grasp and hoping someone here can help.