What does this mean?

Whenever I look at my guardian angels sigil, I get this weird feeling in my stomach, and my head feels… interesting. Does this mean I should contact my guardian angel? Or is it just the energy from the sigil giving me these effects, cause I usually work with dark entities.

I wonder if its related to Chakras in those areas activating.

Where specifically in your head and your stomach?

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Well it kinda filled my whole head, and the feeling in my stomach was basically from the beginning of my ribs down near the beginning of my waist

It was like a weird cloudy energy

Here’s a pic of the sigil

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Well, the stomach area sounds like the sachral Chakra if it’s chakra related. Maybe the crown for the head with a possibility of the third eye if you also felt it on your forehead.

I found this chart that may shed some light on your situation.

From here

I have a thought repeatedly saying yes. That could be for both of us.

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