What does this mean

There I am in my dream you know happily doing whatever, but then I start to awaken and I think I am awake but im still in the dream, its a spooky moment, as I have to realise that im still asleep, then I have to will myself awake, as im looking round trying to recognise my room but whilst in my dream. I then awaken and alls ok.

Whats the situation with this ?


The state described as occuring between dream state and waking up, where one is more prone to lucid dreaming or OBE.

yea ive had this before. i once was walking down a street and saw my dead auntie. realized i was dreaming and shit a brick and ran out the experience. haha. i also was in sleep paralysis and tried astral projecting i got my head out and looked at my head scared me and lost memory. i want to astral project and talk to my spirit guides.

Please allow me to facilitate an appropriate explanation on your behalf.

The consciousness centers through mode, being, and form. When you are “awake”, you are centered in a primary physical body. This waking can be experienced recentering from one physical body to another. This c an be experienced going to sleep in the physical body and then recentering awareness itself becoming conscious without form or being.

It sounds to me like you may have become consciousness in transition to a formless energy state but you remained centered in the physical body. You probably thought you were seeing into your room but in fact the entire environment was resimulated by yourself whilst you persisted formlessly. It is possible to become an environment, being conscious, without body. The law becomes your body. The truth becomes your will. Movement is as you intend. Going forth is but by inner initiation of self defined purpose. These are the humanly powers granted to us to use responsibly. I myself to not play with such extreme recenterings though I have completed such. I prefer to remain centered in my physical body which is wholly and only mine.

I often allow my vast unconsciousness to take form and even actuate it’s own will. Then, I sometimes partially recenter to that form’s perception. This by way of my lesser celestial array. You are accompanied by an entire heaven and by watchers. Hosts are before you, yet many are not aware. Do not be overly concerned with such simple things which individuals experience but which have no greater bearing upon anything. Rather, seek to challenge the gods in their very own personal dilemma!!! For you may even find a divine friend having understood their trouble.