What does this mean?

I searched to see if someone else had opened a thread and was unable to find anything. If there is a topic already opened then please direct me there.

Sometimes and especially last couple nights I have done some invocations and when in my trans I would cross my arms over my chest. My right arm to my left shoulder and then my left arm to right shoulder. Whether I lower my head or not depends on the moment. My senses aren’t yet developed enough to ask and understand what is being said to me. Does anyone know what it means if anything?


For clarification, do you do that in your astral temple or just wherever u are? I read that, and as I read it, I pictured you with your arms crossed on ur knees. Looked like u were bowing ur head down saying thank you. Does any of that add up?

What you are describing, with the arms crossed and the head bowed, sounds like the position of Osiris Risen in the LVX signs, used in Golden Dawn and Thelemic magick, symbolising Resurrection and Rebirth.


Sometimes when doing spiritual work , the use of a variety of forces has an impact on one such that we do things we do not intend to do , and our body does things we do not plan for , after repeatedly invoking some spirits for a period of time sometimes people get possessed


A short while ago I was extremely grateful, lack of better vocabulary to explain how I felt. I don’t recall falling to my knees but it’s possible. I don’t yet know how to do any astral, anything. I’m still learning how to meditate consistently.

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That’s very interesting about the rebirth part. Not an entity over ever herd of of though. Cool to learn something new though.