What does this mean?

Hi everyone,

I think there is a succubus with me. I have been feeling a lot of presences in my room in recent days. (only in my room)

Sometimes I feel a cold or warm air over me (sometimes on my stomach and other times elsewhere)

I just felt like there was a hand on my leg and when I looked I saw nothing but it felt very real.

Sometimes I also feel a tickle in my genitals and then I also get a boner.

At the moment I feel (all day) prick or something, it also looks like very soft shocks in my neck and leg.

When I go to sleep I feel after a few minutes that there is something on me and sometimes next to me, sometimes I feel very hard pressure on my legs the other time on my stomach and the other time on my chest.

I feel my leg trembling a lot and finally it is kind of glued to my bed so it is very difficult to move as if my body does not want that.

Sometimes I get out of nowhere when I close my eyes when I lie in my bed weird images sometimes I see something very scary, and other times I see a girl / woman with red / light blue eyes.

I get a boner out of nowhere and I find that strange because it does not feel strange it feels more tasty but it is not more than that.

Last night when I was in bed for 2 minutes I saw a girl on my mind and she said she was Lilith she had red eyes and it sometimes changed to light blue eyes. She said she would please me, and she said she would ride my dick which is quite strange.

When she said that 1/2 minutes later, I felt very tight pressure on my stomach and it just felt like cramping and then something really started to feel nice on my genitals.

That was for 2 minutes because I was startled and woke my eyes and went downstairs to get some drinks.

I have not written a letter of intent or anything along those lines.

I watched videos of which audio beats would evoke a succubus but thought it would be fake but it seems to have helped nonetheless.

Can anyone advise me on this? is it just my brain joking around with me? or is it really a succubus or something else?

I’d love to hear from you



Orlee and JD talked about those videos and said they where successful in evoking a succubus this way! So I take it you called her :woman_shrugging: if you don’t want her then be polite and tell her to leave instead of avoiding her!

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