What does this mean

I recently evoked vassago and asked him for spiritual growth. I had a really wierd dream once that I decrypted really easily. But I just had like 10 or so in a row in one night that all stood out in some way. One was I was at my birthday party and I was turning 17 and there was hundreds of people and I had the guy with a clipboard telling me how many people there were and what food was served. Then I number into this girl that I talked to in school when we had classes together. I greeted her and said thank you for coming and after we tryed to walk away we kept going the same way and started Laughing. But this happened untill I was backed up into a corner and she just gave me a hug and than her bf came over and was like what’s going on here. I look over and there was this girl going I thought you liked me and I blink once and she has a third eye on her forehead staring at me. She continues to screem at me and I’m just staring at her forehead and blink once and its gone. After that I swap dreams. None of them were as rememberable as this one. But it was along the lines of punching out my mom’s asshole bf teeth, and my sister lighting my bed on fire. Everytime I had a dream wehere I would normal wake up from the shock of a dream like if I died I just switched dreams. This was a wierd night. I only have dreams like this when I ask vassago to help me in my dreams. I seen him in my dream once and I talk about that in one of my older post if your interested.

Let me know what you think about all of this.

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