What does this lil birb feel like to you?

I had Lucifer tell me something about this that is questionable, yet understandable. I get a certain vibe from it, what do you feel? Just tell me about the energy.

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This is kind of important to me.

Just guessing. I got the feeling, that the fur is from an animal, rather than synthetic…

Looks like a normal plushy


I meant energetically. The plushie itself is normal

Physically there is nothing up with the bird.

I don’t feel anything tbh.


I have to agree. I feel nothing from this.


Did you get it at a thrift shop?

I looked out of curiosity and got nothing, BUT it felt like a shielded nothing - not a nothing nothing.

The specific image was of a square blued metal barrier saying “Nothing to see here, move along.”

For whatever that’s worth.


Weird. I put up protections? I dunno why that would be.

I feel love from it. Like genuinely.

There’s a lesson in this for me. I don’t know what, and I am kind of worried.

I am scared.

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Fuck. Now I have to deal with the perception problem again.

Stop getting worried and take your lesson with courage.Would you prefer a haunted toy instead?

Or would you prefer getting no lessons?

Embrace your lesson. Nothing to be scared. :+1:


I am scared but I don’t intend on running. Thanks for the back up, though.

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Maybe not you.

100% explains why it was shielded then from a bunch of lookie-loos on a public black magick forum, also watched by prayer-warriors and general haters. :+1:

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I feel like if I shut myself out of it there is nothing, but if I keep myself in there is something

Maybe that’s your lesson. :woman_shrugging:


I feel really emotionally dirty energy from it, like there’s a cluster of stale emotional energy attached to it, the energy smell kind of sour.

I don’t know the implications of it though.

Do I suddenly say that I am lying to myself? I genuinely feel an energy involved. Maybe the lesson is that only I can see it?

When I look at it as it is, I feel it. I don’t know.

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I can’t sense that yet. You have clairsentience really beyond what I have. I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do anymore