What does this exercise of stroking left palm in Practical Psychic Self Defense book mean?

I’m currently reading the book “Practical Psychic Self Defense” and trying to do the first exercise mentioned in CH #4, it says:

“Sit quietly and relax for a moment, with your eyes opened or closed. Rest your left hand on your desk or lap, with the palm up. With the fingertips of your right hand, stroke the palm of your left hand from fingertips to wrist, back and forth repeatedly. Take about a half to one second each way. While doing this, focus on and memorize the feel of the touch this action produces in your left hand. Continue stroking for about half a minute or so, until you can reproduce the feel and movement of this action in your left hand from memory of the feel of the touch alone.”

What does stroke your left palm with fingertips means?
(English is not my native language)

Firmly yet lightly drag your fingers across the surface.

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Thank you

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It’s called tactile imaging. It’s the beginning stages of a series of exercises to learn to feel energy. This is Robert Bruce’s method.