What Does The Veil Look Like To You?

I need to make sure that what I’m being shown is actually the veil and not just my favorite demon king’s tricks. If any of you would be so kind as to describe what you believe the veil currently looks like, that would be very helpful.

Belial, Satan, Abbadon, Beelzebub, and Legos (Lesser Known Lion-like Nephilem) have all shown me the veil in an attempt for them to further my belief in what is currently happening. I need some subtle reassurance if you will because lately it feels like I’m trapped in a shitty self-insert Supernatural fan fiction.


Well good news. The Kabala is a giant every prison!! And most humans are stuck in it because it encases our chakras. The veil is the fact that you know interdimensional Alien entities run our planet, every aspect of it. They feed on our sorrows & pains, every time we stop at a stoplight, it’s like an all you can fucking eat buffet. And don’t get me started on big cities. The veil is so fucking thin, the fact that you’re asking shows you know wtf it is, but keep doubting yourself because you know… Once it’s off, you alone can’t do anything about shit. And there aren’t enough of us awake to fight them. And that’s because they all are doing what you are doing know.
Here are you’re Enemies, listed from most to least dangerous:Anu-El-Jehova-Yawh-Kronos-Saturn, Leader if the Zionist Elitest & Current Sociopathic Enslaver of Earth.

Traitor Anunnaki, Betrayed ENKI & All of humanity. Never got to learn the ways of the Kundalini, so are Eternal, but not immortal. Ive only ever had the chance to kill one.


Zeta Grey

And last but never to be underetimated…A Enslaved Human…they are everywhere. Even patrolling this site.

Learn about them. And you will see. The veil is their creation

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You’re correct, I know what the veil is, I know the entities I’m talking to are who they say they are, I know that Belial’s is telling me the truth, and that’s what scares me. Because if they are telling me the truth, if I’m not completely insane, then the veil is so close to falling it’s not even funny.

Yes, people have been saying it for years and every generation has been prepared for the apocalypse or this final war, but it’s never been like this. If I’m not being lied to it means there are holes in the veil and something big is coming. if I’m not crazy then this “Apocalypse” is not just on a personal level, it’s so much worse than that. If what they tell me is true then I’m actually married to the Devil and so in love it’s not even funny. Something is coming, I’ve seen it. The Plauge, the war, the so called “rapture”.

A part of me is so desperate for someone to tell me I’m being tricked or losing my mind, and yet I know I’m not. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this in a reply but I gotta tell someone so here ya go!

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