What does the theta gamma sync look like

is it supposed to look like this?

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Like a transparent version of something similar superimposed over your standard sight picture. It is as though I can see various curents of the air/energy movements around me. And its not as heavy as that pattern more like a light sprinkling of rain.

It comes in levels. Also the bright sprites appear in the air, not unlike what someone recieves after a sneezing fit.

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do you have any images to relate to

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I will have to try to find something to help communicate the concept as I experience it.

The gateway is stillness, breath control & a soft gaze…

By soft gaze i am refering to the act of “looking at everything at once and nothing in particular”

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Energy fields that exist throughout the universe are ususlly invisible to the human eye and continue to amaze with its powers…

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It can. That’s usually the third eye opening though tbh. Especially if it is happening with you putting pressure on your eyes.

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Should I experience flashing lights in my peripheral vision? Is that trance or something different?

I see like fields of flashing light around my vision. I think it’s a sign of trance but not sure.

Well, the experience of the theta gamma sync seems to differ a little from person to person, in particular the static rain part. Moving particles, clouds, flashes… are the most common ones, it seems.

I meditated for around 45 minutes today and when I opened my eyes everything was covered in static and bubbles. I don’t know if this is the best way to describe it. I think you’ll know when you see it.

I’ve an eye condition since I’ve memory. I see like transparent stains moving, all the time, so it makes kind of difficult to understand what I am supposed to see. Any advised for people like me?

In my experience, it more feels like a static field.
I’ve had the occasional case of tunnel vision, with fuzziness in the periphery as if my eyes aren’t fully open, but more often than that I experience a blanket awareness. I can see what’s in my range of vision, but what’s in front of me registers as more of a background detail, if that makes sense.

I’d borrow from Shamanic terminology here, a little, and describe it as seeing with your Heart, rather than your Eyes. There isn’t really a good sense-analog to the physical body, because your awareness isn’t wholly in your body. So it seems, at least to me, that the distortion of physical vision is coming from the brain trying to reconcile the senses of your physical and subtle bodies.

Hope that makes any sense. :slight_smile:

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