What does Satan want

I feel a presence. My face hairs and head hairs rise. When I speak in my mind. I ask who there. And I keep hearing Satan. I told him the other day what he wanted. All I heared was “soul”. No. Why he keep bugging me. I want power and growth in my path but my soul. Come on! Anyone have experiences.

He doesn’t want your soul he wants you to develop as a sorcerer and an individual.


So it could be another spirit acting like Satan

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That’s not at all what I’m saying.

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Exactly what @Fallen_Angel said. Yes it COULD be an imposter, but I don’t think so. He wants you to ascend and is likely reaching out.


‘’ what does Satan want’’ . Love, I would say. Bit seriously, I don’t think he wants your soul. He does have an agenda, most likely to spread the current he belongs/represents.


for me lord satan wants power and respect to your self

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Satan wanting your soul is propaganda. No spirit, demon or otherwise, actually wants your soul. Souls are useless to them.

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