What does Orias like for sacrifice?

Since Orias is a beast at manipulation, I’ve been trying to evoke him to help me with an important thing. I have no ability to see or hear spirits so I can’t ask myself, but what does Orias like? What kind of incense, sacrifices, etc.? I promised I’d ask and find out.


I also want to work with Orias, so I did some research on him. Since I also need him to manipulate a couple of people, and manipulation to get someone to do a couple relatively small favors for me (one is most important to my life, isn’t asking for much, and is both medically needed and a bit for self indulgence, which is something that it seems that some demons are cool with and some not.

I’m not asking for fame, power, to win a Billion dollar lottery, or something crazy like that), I have been trying to work with King Paimon (as that’s a specialty of his) and Prince Lucifer, I was searching for some random subject on here and came across Oias.

It was almost like I was led to him (perhaps King Paimon and/or Prince Lucifer were “referring me” to Orias (the thread descriptions the search function brought up unexpectedly described exactly what I’m looking for, and I know demons have been known to lead you to what you want/need).

So I did some research and the one thing I found was cedar incense. Since I can’t burn things in my house or do elaborate, formal rituals or use a bunch of tools, and I too have a lot of work to do on the basics (energy work, opening/developing my spiritual and magickal senses, etc…), I’m going to look at other sources to see what I can find.

Maybe King Paimon and Prince Lucifer, being the great teachers they are, can help me with the lot of work I need to do in the basics and Marquise Orias can help me with the manipulation thing, hopefully working with me and aiding me in obtaining my petition as I continue to work on the basics, as I am not yet able to see, hear, or full on evoke spirits yet (I normally don’t even feel presences, except for a couple/few times).

If you can burn incense in your place, cedar incense is something he is said to enjoy. Lots of demons seem to appreciate sweets (especially dark chocolate) and wine/alcohol (or at least a sugary drink like Pepsi), I’ll try that.

All I knew to do to reach out to him was to stare at his sigil (which is hard to draw. I’m not good at drawing and Orias’ sigil is even harder to draw than King Paimon’s. Even Prince Lucifer’s relatively simple sigil is hard for me to get right. Fortunately, they don’t have to be perfect to every line and sqiggle) while repeating his Enn.

A promising sign was that, about halfway into the sigil focus/Enn repetitions, I got a very distinctive feeling of “lightness” in my body, especially in my arms. It felt almost as if my body wanted to float, and I got a sudden sense of calm and almost a " calm and high" kind of feeling.

This seemed promising, as it sort of plays into my most pressing desire and need. I will continue to reach out to him and research him. I’ll probably call on him and use my pendulum for simple “yes and no” type questions after I call on him, asking him if he hears me, is present, will work with me, “are such and such offerings acceptable to you”," will you assist me in stating my petition", etc…

I will post any findings here or in an existing thread about Orias. His Enn : Lirach (pronounced 'leerash) mena (may-nah), Orias (with the long “I” sound) anay na . Appearance (according to Demons of Magick) : tall and fair, white hair and green eyes (tho, of course, he can appear owever he wishes).

I really feel as tho I was led to him, or maybe he’s overheard my petition and use of his name in association with obtaining it and is saying “I’m your guy”. I hope that’s the case. Anyone with experience working with him, please post what may be of assistance.


Oh, I forgot, coins. Orias, from my research thus far, is said to like coins (especially, old, rare, and I would assume valuable) coins. You can just leave them for him to play with during the summoning/calling/ whatever . I would imagine you could just put them back in the drawer or wherever rather than disposing of this kind of offering as opposed to destroying it/ tossing it like you would food and drink.

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