What does one do if their Higher Self stops that person from being successful?

It could be that it just doesnt want me accidentally knocking someone up or something. But I could legit just buy a condom and be set, or just use some magic to ensure that she doesn’t get pregnant, because condoms do break. I just found it confusing is all, the way I see it I should be able to have sex without someone stopping me.

Maybe It stoped you because it felt it would give you something really bad from it, don’t forget that sex is connective and with who you do it you get energy from and give to them also.

sex is high risk - high reward :

If you do connect with someone who is way above your “level of spirituality” so to speak it’ll propulse you closer to that level against your will (Can happen Kundalini wise for exemple, it can just trigger it even if you are absolutely not ready)

Therefore if you can grow from it - you can fall deeper from it
That’s a simple law

Maybe that person is an absolute shit show inside herself and it would start for you a dark period or I don’t know but remember that your HS is more aware than you for a lot of things as it is rigthfully in a higher plane of consciousness

With all of that said ! DO whatever you want in the end, listen, don’t listen, it’s up to you


Yes, I got very messed up from sex with my husband and his CPSTD messed up view of the world. I wouldn’t say he was a “higher level” spiritually, more like a “lower level” I frequently refereed to him as the anti-guru, because he would emotionally abuse himself and repeat negative platitudes of self-hatred.

Yeah, sex with fucked up people = fucks you up. They don’t call it screwing for nothing. Purple used to go on about that transfer of energy on her threads before she got banned.


Now that freaks me out. Kinda makes me want to stick with spirits, but then again, I can’t feel em.

Don’t let the fear overtake you and make you miss sex neither.
It’s just that you need to think about it instead of mindlessly put your sword into each scabbard that you encounter.

You don’t have to take vow and swear to abstinence to progress or to protect yourself, all is about thinking before doing. Some people are perfectly fine to have sex with or even if they’re a bit “lower” or “higher” it won’t cause you any problem.

I say even if they were way lower or higher it’s not necessarely true, but the “risk” start to show itself that’s it.

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Sexual relations when it comes to energetic attachments can be controlled either through actively grounding it out or energy work that does it in an automatic fashion.

Energy transfers between two or more people no matter what you do, sex is simply one of many ways but it’s also one of many conduits of energy work due to the release of both or more partner’s energy along with your own being directed to a goal.

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